“Oungbak” will join on the new match with “Kaewkangwarn”.

Now, Suek True For You has just been in the one part of the boxing program. Then, the teamwork of this program will have the good times to work on this Friday of 5 August , 2016 at the international Rangsit boxing stadium broadcast on channel 24 since 6.00 p.m. Besides, there will be the numerous boxers joining on this boxing circle. Furthermore, there will be the first couple one; namely, Kaewkangwarn Plewwayo fighting with Oungbak Sitsarawatsia.  In addition, now Oungbak is the hot form in this age as well.

Therefore, Oungbak said that in this time he is really glad to fight on this new program  ,so he will pay his good attention not to make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans surely.

Furthermore, this time will be the champion time of him to grasp the champion belt which is the good opportunity for him much. Now, Oungbak has practiced himself excellently , so he might become to be the winner on this game surely though he has his second performance than his couple one.

“Yut” is focused on his work of 24 June to favor the Muay Thai fans.

Yut Chonburi or the new promoter of Lumphinee boxing stadium and the owner of Suek Phetatsawin  have his good attention to make the new lists of couple boxers. In addition, in the next match he has planned to bring the boxers of Onechai line to fight with Palangmai group too. However, in this program he would like to invite the Muay Thai fans to prove for his master piece on this Friday 24 June, 2016 first. And, he has brought the well-known ones from Palangmai group to fight with Phetyindee group totally 4 couple ones to be cheered up excellently.

Lately, Yut Chonburi or the new promoter of Lumphinee boxing stadium  has just operated his cervical. Then, now he will show his master work on this Friday 24 June, 2016. Later, he has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that originally he would like to make the better lists of couple ones ; however, he hasn’t got the good coordination with other promoters after he has been out of the hospital not so long. Thus, he can show his best performance by bringing Palangmai group boxers of Sommai Sakulmateta to fight with Phetyindee group boxers of Sia Nao Phetyindee only.

For these 4 couple ones , there are Yodlekphet A. Phitisak fighting with Kaimookkhao P. Thairungriangkhamai , Phanphayak Sitchatick fighting with Bangpleenoi 96 Pheenang , Phetworasorn Aunsukhumwit fighting with The Lek W. Sangphraphai and Oley Sitniwat fighting with Thanadate Th. Pran 49 as the familiar ones that the Muay Thai fans know.

Yut Chonburi has revealed that this program isn’t such the big one as his attention due to his not perfect body condition to coordinate with other promoters. However, he has made the new plan already , so the Muay Thai fans should follow his work on this time first without being disappointed for sure.

It will gain million baht for all of matches on this program.

Suntorn Uthong or the advisor of Palangmai group confirms that there are the couple ones to fight on Suek Phetatsawin of this 24 June, 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. Moreover,  all of them have the experience to fight as the master one on million baht game.

Thus, for the first match of Suek Phetatsawin on this 24 June, 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra , there will be the master one or Yodlekphet A. Phitisak fighting with Kaimookkhao P. Thairungriangkhamai following by the second one or Phanphayak Sitchatick fighting with Bangpleenoi 96 Pheenang, Phetnamngam A. Khwanmueng of M. Phuwana fighting with Sanwangchai J.S.P. , Khomkert Th. Manothammaraksa fighting with Phetmuengchon Sudsakornmuaithai , Methee Sorchor Toipadraew fighting with Yuttasak Yuttachonburi , Phetwasorn Aunsukhumwit fighting with Thelek W. Sangphraphai , Rambong Leesorkarnkha fighting with Kwanchai Phetchaophraya , Thanadate Th. Pran 49 fighting with Oley Sitniwat and the last two couple ones ; namely, Phetudom Nakornchokchai fighting with Changpheuk S. Sommai and Phusan Sortor Chaiwat or the son of Suriya Prasarthinphimai fighting with Phetphathum S. Sommai.

“Mit” indicates that now “Khaidaew” will face with the tough task.

Mit Nakorn or the teamwork of Phetyindee has accepted that he is heavy of heart instead of Kaikhao P. Thairungriangkhamai to fight with the strong one or Yodlekphet A. Phitisak as the rare one. Then, it is quite hard to confirm that who will be the winner in this game. However, it has pointed that Yodlekphet has his fresher form than his couple one for sure. Similarly, Kaimookkhao has his much experience with the good performance than his couple one , so it depends on whoever to practice himself better than else as the master one of Suek Phetatsawin. Thus, it will be the new match to be setup by Yut Chonburi on this Friday 24 June , 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. And, the teamwork of Phetyindee is ready to make exchange for the boxers of every program with agreement.

Now, on this Friday 24 June, 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium there will be the boxers from Palangmai boxing camp and Phetyindee boxing camp totally 4 couple ones to fight with each other. In addition, for the master one, there will be Yodlekphet A. Phitisak fighting with Kaimookkhao P. Thairungriangkhamai in 131 pounds without facing with each other before.

Mitnakorn has revealed that for this couple one , it has the ratios of 50/50 percent to be the winner , but it depends on the better teamwork to assist each boxer. In addition, now the teamwork of Phetyindee boxing camp is ready to exchange the couple ones in every program with agreement.

“Sorchor Wichit” has made the list for “Phrakaiphet” to meet with “Daterit” again.

After responding to the requirements of the Muay Thai fans for a long time , now Sorchor Wichit Padraew and the teamwork will bring Phrakaiphet Imminent Air to fight with Daterit S. Phenphrapha again. Besides, Daterit will get revenge of Phrakaiphet on Suek Ruamkhonphadraew on this 5 July in 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium after he has been the loser of the latest match at Rangsit on last 8th May before.

On the other hand, lately Phrakaiphet Imminent Air just knocked Daterit by elbowing him at Rangsit before following by knocking Daewfai at Lumphinee for twice times. Now, it’s time for Daterit to get revenge with Phrakaiphet on Suek Ruamphonkhonpadraew on 5 July , 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra after he has been the loser by showing the impressive form to the Muay Thai fans. Therefore, Sorchor Wichit said that this couple one might be the amusing one for sure.

“Big Song” has already cleared all problem by making the lists between “Pheankon facing with Phrachanbarn”.

Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has confirmed that recently he has cleared the problem with the both of the head of the boxing camps already. Then, he can bring Pheankon T. Surat to fight with Phrachanbarn Sorchor Wichitpadraew to grasp for 1 million baht on Suek One Thong Chai. Thus, on this 9th June this couple one will fight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium by letting Pheankon to bargain his weight to his couple one for 1 pound at 113/114 pounds.

Big Song said that in the earlier after Pheankhon has won his couple one on the last match , now he is ready to fight with anyone in 112-114 pounds to grasp 1 million baht. Therefore, it has the conclusion of him after Big Song has coordinated to the both head of the boxing camps for making the lists of this couple one. As the result, it has known that Pheankon will bargain his weight to Phrachanbarn for 1 pounds to fight in 113/114 pounds for sure to grasp for 1 million baht on the next match .

“Aek” has remined the promoter.

Aek Bangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has let the promoter or the affiliation of the boxers for Aekbangtrai boxing camp to feel comfortable that he mightn’t leave the old policy for sure. On the same way, he still would like only to support the boxers in this boxing camp to fight on every match continuously and give the reward for all boxers suitably until he is too old or die.

Aekbangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that he has his broad mind without leaving all boxers in his team, especially for gaining the kindness , credits and faith from everyone all the times.

The head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind that now he understands that he can’t select the couple ones by himself either to choose the weight for fighting on the games. However, it depends on the promoter to propose about the weight and consider about this subject. On the other hand, he should tell the teamwork to be diligent for let the boxers to practice themselves with good nourishment. Then, the boxers will show of the good name to this boxing circle for sure , except for the promoter to make the lists of him to fight continuously with suitable prices. Therefore, he mightn’t leave this boxing circle or move into the new boxing camp because he isn’t such a person in that type.

“Khwanphet” has threated to knock “Phetdam” for fighting in the final round.

Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee or the experienced boxer has announced to overcome Phetdam of chicken 5 stars daew yim in order to pass into 1 million baht of Toyota program on this Saturday of 28th May. Besides, he will be the master one of Suek Yod Muai Thai Hilux Rewo supported by the teamwork of Phetyindee.

For Suek Yod Muai Thai Hirax Rewo that will broadcast on this Saturday of 28th May in 2016 at Rangsit boxing stadium, there will be Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee to fight with Phetdam in 122 pounds as the outstanding couple one of this program. Similarly, now Phetsila Ch. Sampheenong is waiting to fight with the winner of the above couple one. On the same way, lately Khwanphet has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that on this match he has his good attention to pass intothe final round by practicing himself harder than others. Fortunately, he just won Thepnimit or the severe one before with his good performance , so in the next match he believes in himself and his good body condition to win or knock his couple one surely. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can come to cheer up for him to watch of his good form.

Additionally, there are others ; namely, Yodsiam Singphomphrab fighting with Khemphet Phumphanmueng in 113 pounds, Ninsiam T. Paopiamthrabpadraew fighting with Phetnathee Saksomporn in 126-128 pounds, Singsiam Singpomphrab fighting with Palangdate S. Phetbunmee in 120 pounds and Phetphrakai Sitthongphunthawee fighting with  Phetkhlang Luakkhlongtan or Japanese boxer in 100 pounds.

“Eaeung” is certain that “Oneman” will have the good name in the near future.

Eaeung Ubon is really confident that Oneman P. Prasit still has his good future thought now he has failed of 9th Thai Insurant boxing program. However, he still has his chance to grasp the champion of Lumphinee boxing stadium and on channel 7. Then, the Muay Thai fans should follow his works too.

On the other hand, Eaeung Ubon or the teamwork has consoled Oneman that although he won’t grasp the champion of 9th Thai Insurant boxing program , he still his good future to grasp others. However, he should only gain more experiences to fight on.

“Worawut” will overcome “Fahmai” and win the scores of “Phonkrit”.

In this moment , Baowee R Siam and Bangyan or Yongyut M Yu Den are really glad much after knowing that Sia Khwag P.K. has selected for Worawut Baoweeyim to fight with Fahmai P. Riangram on Suek P.K. Sanchai on the first program of this 10th May in 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium too. Besides,with this big program, Bangyan should think about the solution for Baoweeyim to defeat Fahmai as well as overcoming Phonkrit Luakmakhwamwarn too.

Therefore, on this program or Suek P.K. Sanchai of Sia Kwag or Somchai Thedrungriang, it will bring the great one of this age to fight on this game ; namely, Sing Pharanchai fighting with Methee Sorchor Toipadraew , Sansatan P.K. Sanchai fighting with Nontakit T. Morsri , Chakdaew Thepkaserm fighting again with Sprinter Pangkongphrab and others , such as Worawut Baoweeyim fighting with Fahmai P. Riangram. In addition, it is honored and gladness for Baowee R Siam and Bangyan or Yongyut M Yu Den much that their couple one can join in this program.

Bangyan said that this will be the big boxing program under the interest of the Muay Thai fans ; thus, Baowee and he would like to check for the readiness of their boxers to join in this big program. However, now he is really confident that his boxer might overcome Fahmai and also Phonkrit or the most interesting one for him personally. However, the way that he might face with anyone is based on Chun of Suek Kertphet to manage.