“Aek” has remined the promoter.

Aek Bangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has let the promoter or the affiliation of the boxers for Aekbangtrai boxing camp to feel comfortable that he mightn’t leave the old policy for sure. On the same way, he still would like only to support the boxers in this boxing camp to fight on every match continuously and give the reward for all boxers suitably until he is too old or die.

Aekbangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that he has his broad mind without leaving all boxers in his team, especially for gaining the kindness , credits and faith from everyone all the times.

The head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind that now he understands that he can’t select the couple ones by himself either to choose the weight for fighting on the games. However, it depends on the promoter to propose about the weight and consider about this subject. On the other hand, he should tell the teamwork to be diligent for let the boxers to practice themselves with good nourishment. Then, the boxers will show of the good name to this boxing circle for sure , except for the promoter to make the lists of him to fight continuously with suitable prices. Therefore, he mightn’t leave this boxing circle or move into the new boxing camp because he isn’t such a person in that type.

“Khwanphet” has threated to knock “Phetdam” for fighting in the final round.

Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee or the experienced boxer has announced to overcome Phetdam of chicken 5 stars daew yim in order to pass into 1 million baht of Toyota program on this Saturday of 28th May. Besides, he will be the master one of Suek Yod Muai Thai Hilux Rewo supported by the teamwork of Phetyindee.

For Suek Yod Muai Thai Hirax Rewo that will broadcast on this Saturday of 28th May in 2016 at Rangsit boxing stadium, there will be Khwanphet S. Suwanphakdee to fight with Phetdam in 122 pounds as the outstanding couple one of this program. Similarly, now Phetsila Ch. Sampheenong is waiting to fight with the winner of the above couple one. On the same way, lately Khwanphet has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that on this match he has his good attention to pass intothe final round by practicing himself harder than others. Fortunately, he just won Thepnimit or the severe one before with his good performance , so in the next match he believes in himself and his good body condition to win or knock his couple one surely. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can come to cheer up for him to watch of his good form.

Additionally, there are others ; namely, Yodsiam Singphomphrab fighting with Khemphet Phumphanmueng in 113 pounds, Ninsiam T. Paopiamthrabpadraew fighting with Phetnathee Saksomporn in 126-128 pounds, Singsiam Singpomphrab fighting with Palangdate S. Phetbunmee in 120 pounds and Phetphrakai Sitthongphunthawee fighting with  Phetkhlang Luakkhlongtan or Japanese boxer in 100 pounds.

“Eaeung” is certain that “Oneman” will have the good name in the near future.

Eaeung Ubon is really confident that Oneman P. Prasit still has his good future thought now he has failed of 9th Thai Insurant boxing program. However, he still has his chance to grasp the champion of Lumphinee boxing stadium and on channel 7. Then, the Muay Thai fans should follow his works too.

On the other hand, Eaeung Ubon or the teamwork has consoled Oneman that although he won’t grasp the champion of 9th Thai Insurant boxing program , he still his good future to grasp others. However, he should only gain more experiences to fight on.

“Worawut” will overcome “Fahmai” and win the scores of “Phonkrit”.

In this moment , Baowee R Siam and Bangyan or Yongyut M Yu Den are really glad much after knowing that Sia Khwag P.K. has selected for Worawut Baoweeyim to fight with Fahmai P. Riangram on Suek P.K. Sanchai on the first program of this 10th May in 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium too. Besides,with this big program, Bangyan should think about the solution for Baoweeyim to defeat Fahmai as well as overcoming Phonkrit Luakmakhwamwarn too.

Therefore, on this program or Suek P.K. Sanchai of Sia Kwag or Somchai Thedrungriang, it will bring the great one of this age to fight on this game ; namely, Sing Pharanchai fighting with Methee Sorchor Toipadraew , Sansatan P.K. Sanchai fighting with Nontakit T. Morsri , Chakdaew Thepkaserm fighting again with Sprinter Pangkongphrab and others , such as Worawut Baoweeyim fighting with Fahmai P. Riangram. In addition, it is honored and gladness for Baowee R Siam and Bangyan or Yongyut M Yu Den much that their couple one can join in this program.

Bangyan said that this will be the big boxing program under the interest of the Muay Thai fans ; thus, Baowee and he would like to check for the readiness of their boxers to join in this big program. However, now he is really confident that his boxer might overcome Fahmai and also Phonkrit or the most interesting one for him personally. However, the way that he might face with anyone is based on Chun of Suek Kertphet to manage.

“Chun” would like everyone to cheer up for the small size and first couple one to gain large amounts of money.

Now, Chun Kertphet has reminded the Muay Thai fans to pay the ticket for watching since the first couple one of Suek Kertphet that will broadcast on this 17th May in 2016 between Songkroat Muailek or Kimluai S. Suphrattra fighting with Kaichon Sorchor Phaithoonpakkred to remove the wondering. Therefore, it gains the wondering after they have taken turned to be the winner and loser for once time equally. Therefore, he would like the Muay Thai fans and the relevant people in Suek Kertphet and Suek Muai Thai Ched See to be the witnesses of this game. And, he believes that they mightn’t make the disappointment to us in order to gain at least 200,000 baht for the winner.

In addition, Chun Kertphet will setup for Suek Kertphet on this 17th May in 2016 at Lumphinee consisting of the master one or Lomhuan Sitlomnao fighting with Phalangchai P. Pheannaphat , the second one or Pentor Th. Pran 49 fighting with Khaosanit Dragon Muai Thai , the supporting one or Thanchai Santiubon fighting with Sangdaew Erawan , Phetsaiphon fighting with Satanesarn Kertchuthai , Thongphun Sitphananchai fighting with Phetaek of Keela Korat School , Chokkunsorn S. Yingchareonkarnchang fighting with Kengchana Sitchangphao and Kimluai S. Suphattra fighting with Kaichon Sorchor Phaithoonpakkred.

“Phettho will fight with “Phetmeungkao” to show the great performance on the second match of “Krekkru”.

For Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai program on the match of 2nd  Krekkhru that has broadcasted on Now channel on last Sunday, there were Siasat Paemeanburi to fight with Sab Phraranchai for showing of the amusement. Besides, lately they have showed the good strategies in the superb way. Additionally, in the next match there will be Phettho to fight with Muengkao to favor of the Muay Thai fans and show of the funniness too.

Therefore, on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016 there will have the second couple one of line A ; namely, Phettho to fight with Phetmuengkao T. Taksin. Moreover, this couple one is the famous stars to be guaranteed of the good performance not less than the first couple one for sure. Then, Singkaserm Banphonlamuengdee has confirmed that this one might fight amusingly to favor the Muay Thai fans of course.

Additionally, there will be others as the good ones; namely, the master one or Phetchiangyean Chitmeungnon or the severe knee boxer to fight with the good performance and severe chin or Madkhom of Keela Korat School in 140 pounds following by Jacksiam S. Sayan or the new star from channel 7 to fight with Chuphet Sitphananchiang and Chirdcha Luakphakphrak to fight with Chokphichit Ph. Chareonphat.

“Sibsan” is really strong to be ready to fight.

Baew Luakmakhamwarn has guaranteed that now Sibsan T. Aewchareonthongphuket has trained himself excellently to have his perfect body condition. Thus, he is able to fight with Monkhao Ch. Chanmanee as the second one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 15 May, 2016. In addition, lately he has his fresh form until winning the couple ones for 4 times continuously. And, in this time he will bargain his weight for 1 pound to fight ; thus, it might have the good result definitely.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See that will broadcast on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016, Chun Kertphet or the promoter Wanphet Chedsee has selected for the excellent boxers to fight favoring to the Muay Thai fans throughtout the country as the second one ; namely, Sibsan T. Aewchareonthongphuket to fight with Monkhao Ch. Chanmanee in 130/129 pounds. Lately, Baew Luakmakhamwarn has confirmed that now Sibsan has practiced himself excellently by having the large trainers to train him. Thus, with the confidence and good encouragement of him , he might use his knees and his freshness to overcome his couple one. Significantly, with his being bargained for 1 pound , it is certainly that he might be the winner , especially with the cheering up from the Muay Thai fans in order not to feel disappointed of him for sure.

It mightn’t be the same way if “Pheankhon” could fight in the same weight with his couple one.

Tuk T. Surat or the senior one of Pheankon T. Surat has announced clearly after his beloved boxer has been made the list for fighting on Suek One Thong Chai on this 9th June 2016. Moreover, he mightn’t fight with Phrachanbarn Sorchor Wichitpadraew by bargaining weight for 1 pound in 113-114 pounds in order not to receive much money of course. Additionally, it seems that Pheankhon might have his more disadvantages than his couple one after he has lost to this person after facing with each other for once time. In addition, in this time Pheankon will fight in the same weight with his couple one to gain at least 1 million baht surely.

Besides, lately Tuk T. Surat or the senior of Pheankon has confirmed that in this program this couple one might fight in the same weight to gain large amounts of money. On  the contrary, Pheankhon can’t bargain weight to fight in 113/114 pounds because he has lost this couple one before. Thus, it might be his tough task. Then, if this couple one is able to fight in the same weight, the winner might receive at least 1 million baht definitely.

The boxing program that will broadcast on this Saturday will be postponed into the next two week.

Wan Bangkhen has announced to the Muay Thai fans of Suek Yod Muai Thairat on this Saturday that this program might not show on that day due to the Songkran Festival and the announcement of Lottery day. Thus, it might postpone for a week , so on this Saturday of 23rdApril 2016 there will be Nontakit Sorchor Lekmuengnon to fight with Faipha S. Narongrit in 145 pounds to show of the funniness.

Now, the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuan might make the lists of the couple ones to fight on this Saturday of 23rd April 2016 instead of the old day. Then, it might have between Nontakit Sorchor Lekmuengnon to fight in 145 pounds with Faipha S. Narongrit following by the second one or Intrachai Ch. Haphrayak to fight with Photrailek S. Kamsing , Peungluang Phetsemuen to fight with Thepphabut Luakmuengphet , Peanyai Phetsemuen to fight with Abbas Luaksuan after the master one or Chomkitti Sitnaremon to fight with Bonansa S. Kitrungroj and Yokmuengthai Phetsemuen to fight with Samoraphum Weerasak. Therefore, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss this game to gain the happiness from the teamwork surely.

Then, there will be the outstanding one between Nontakit Sorchor Lekmuengnon to grasp the champion in 145 pounds with Faipha S. Narongrit. Thus, this one might show of the funniness that everyone shouldn’t miss this program for sure.

“Naona might fight with Esay” to show of the amusement.

Mit Nakorn has advised for the Muay Thai fans not to miss for watching the couple boxers between Naona Singsongkram to fight with Esay W. Wanchai or the Japanese boxer that will broadcast on Suek One Mit Chai. Moreover, this program might broadcast on this Wednesday of 13rd April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Similarly, Naona is the strong one with good strategy while Esay has his severe kick , so this couple one might fight with funniness for sure.

Mit Nakorn said that for Suek One Mit Chai that might broadcast on this Wednesday of 13rd April 2016 at Rachadamnern , Esey from Japanese W. Wanchai might have his que to fight with Naona Singsornram as the interesting one to follow. Moreover, Mit Nakorn has revealed that it should make the advice for this boxer to be cheered up by the Muay Thai fans much with the good strategy. Besides, Esay has his severe kick , and now he has come back to keep himself for training at Naksin boxing camp for months. Then, this game might be amusing and exciting to be impressed by the Muay Thai fans for sure.