muay thai training

Muay thai is  the form of martial art which began its journey from the Kingdom of Thailand  more than 2000 years ago. Now it is popularly known as ‘thai boxing’ all over  the world. Muaythai is the art of fighting without the use of any weapon.

Muay Thai  can be differentiated from the general form of boxing, as it includes the use  of hands, elbow, feet and the knee. It’s not only an art of fighting; it is  also a form of science, with discipline, knowledge and respect.

Muay Thai  is an art which needs to be practiced with proper training. It not only keeps  you body in good form and proper shape; it improves your blood circulation and  builds up your nervous system. Regular practice enhances the flexibility of the  body, which means better use of the bones, muscles, and the tendons in bending  and moving the body.

It is very  important to be brave in order to practice the Art of Muaythai. One must accept  the danger and pain involved in this form of fighting, bravely without any  fear. Practicing Muay thai is not only getting physical training but also  includes the learning of moral values and disciplines in life. It teaches to be  modest, to be confident, to always speak the truth and avoid committing sins in  life.

In this form  of martial art it is trained to be aware of the weak and the fatal points of  the opponent’s body. A fighter can easily defeat the other in less time if he  has good knowledge of his weak positions.

How to train muay thai ?

The basic punching skills of Muay Thai encompass three main techniques:
jabs, hooks and crosses. In a Muay Thai fighting stance, one side of your body
is more forward than the other; the hand on this side is considered the “front”
hand. A jab is a straight punch from the front hand. It is often used to bait
the opponent or stop the opponent from advancing. A hook is a short-range punch
that “hooks” across the body, moving from one side to the other. Both the front
and back hands have hooks. The hook is primarily a “stuffing” technique that
hits a close-range enemy. The cross is the most powerful hand technique. It
comes from the back hand and is a straight punch. In a cross, the fighter
throws his weight into the punch, producing more force.
So muay thai in the famous of martail art in the world and many MMA or UFC fighters always use muay thai techniques .