“Jomhoad” volunteer to stop “Yokpetch”

“Tanaitoi” (Sombun Niruttimet) admit a Jomhoad Sagami’s body from Eminenair is disadvantageous Yokpetch (Sompong Mabtapud) but his punch is heavier than everyone. He may be a first muay thai boxer who stops Yokpetch in Sangmorakot program on 20 November 2012 at Lumpini muay thai stadium in Thailand . I want to warn muay thai fans about Yokpetch who always win because he fights in 116 pounds but he will fight in 113 pounds in this fight. “Tanaitoi” (Sombun Niruttimet), an Eminenair promoter and a manager of Eminenair gym reveals to a reporter of Muay Siam after Jatui (Sangmorakot) set a fight between Yokpetch (Sompong Mabtapud) with Jomhoad Sagami from Eminenair gym in Sanmorakot program on 20 November 2012 at Lumpini muay thai stadium. He is a person who set a fight between Yokpetch and Wanchalong in Eminenair on 12 October 2012. Yokpetch win because he has a weight more than Wanchalong 2 pounds. But this fight on 20 November 2012 is not same like the past because this is a fight in 113 pounds. I admit Jomhoad is a small body but his punch is heavier, smarter and have a boxing skill more than Yokpetch. I want to warn muay thai fans who think Yokpetch will win to change their mind. Just because Yokpetch win Wanchalong is not mean he will win in this fight. You have to see a weight because it is an importance for boxing. Addition, He speaks with confidence that Jomhoad is the first muay thai boxer who stop Yokpetch from continue wining after he is not loss in many months. Jomhoad can stop Yokpetch from a muay thai boxer who has not lost statistics in the fight on 20 November 2012.

Sia Riam has no choice because Sai has to fight.

Sia Riam Bophlabunchu had confirmed Sai F.A. Group muay thai training camp or his beloved disciple is ready to fight for overcoming Chok Phichi Phetmephern and create his new form after he had been defeated by his couple muay thai fighters for several fights. However, now his body is suitable to fight and he had prepared himself well although it will be his big task. However, he has been confident that Sai might make the muay thai fanclub to be disappointed of course.

In the past, several people had been interested in Sai F.A. Group because of his good shape , good height and excellent strategies until they predicted that he could develop himself as well as another famous muay thai fighter. Besides, later he had come to practice in the boxing camp of F.A. group which belong to Sia Riam Bophlabunchu. Morever, he had been supported by Sia tong F.A. group or Sia Surapon Phrasitphan that seemed make him proud and arrogant.   On the other hand, recently he had the terrible form  and been defeated be his couple muay thai fighters for several times until making the muay thai fanclub feel down to cheer him up.

However, recently he has met Chodphichi Phetmephern as the master couple muay thai fighter of Suek Muai Thai Ched see of channel 7 of this sunday of 18th November A.D. 2012 and Sia Riam had taken care him well with his preparing.  Sia Riam said that “now my boxing camp is active again when there is Fahmeechai F.A. group who came back to practice in our boxing camp which make all of our couple muay thai fighters have their own encouragement. Besides, for Sai    I have to accepted that now he had his form down over than his past form.   On the other hand, he is the diligent muay thai fighter and always practice. Thus, I said    to him that don’t give up because the China wall or Rome town didn’t finished  to create as one day, so the boxing has 2 sides that are winning and losing. However, for this fight I have been confident that he might create the good    form although it won’t be the easy task of us”

“Tuan” wills loss his weight in end of the rainy season

Gampanad Shusuwan, A manager of Panomsarkam confirms “Tuan” can loss his weight in end of the rainy season to 119 pounds. Previously, the weather is torrent so he cannot loss his weight but I am sure that he can fight on 6 November 2012. He not has problem and ready to fight Preecha.

Tuan G.Gampanad have a good form to fight in 7 Channel and win Kanen Sankeng Gelasport muay thai camp because his weight. But he is not forgetting about the previous fight that he loss because he cannot loss his weight. I guarantee “Tuan” can have his weight 119 pounds because this is in end of the rainy season. He can fight in the match that Chokpreecha G.Sagungue cooperation with Kiattipetch war to give revenue funding to support the open Satit house of Silpakorn University. “Raining in everyday is so bad but Tuan can fight and have a chance to win Preecha in this fight to entertain muay thai fans.” Gampanad reveals to reporters that his will loss his weight to 119 pounds is easy.

Kiattipetch muay thai program has a big fight between Pokaew Fonjang with Ritdet T.Tepsutin, Eangthai Chonleang with Ponlagit. Can Penthai win Yokpetch or not, can Kan win Kengkad or not and the good match between Prakaypetch fight Werachon, Henry fight Nantawad and the last match is Samsan meet Penjern.

The bear “Rakkiat”

Wangprai Radsongkram recommends muay thai fans should not ignore Rakkiat Kiatprapad muay thai training camp who will fight with Pornsawan in the big match at Muay Thai war on Saturday 27 October 2012 on Imperial Stadium. I think Rakkiat have a good form to win Wangprai and make muay thai fans impressive.

Rakkiat Kiatprapad will fight with Pornsawan in the big match at Muay Thai war on Saturday 27 October 2012 on Imperial Stadium. This is a proof between new muay thai fighter and old muay thai fighter. Latest, Wangprai Radsongkram, a former champion and a trainer of Kiatprapad Gym recommends muay thai fans should not ignore Rakkiat. He prepares himself very good and believes to win. Wangprai assure Rakkiat can win in this fight and not make muay thai fans disappoint. “Rakkiat have a good form and training for this fight. Pornsawan may storng more than him but I believe in Rakkiat’s ability can win Pornsawan and make muay thai fans impressive. I think muay thai fans can not disappoint.” Wangprai said.


Big muay thai match in Thailand “Penthai-Yokpetch” will gamble

Chun, Kiattipetch Sangbun, a promoter merits with muay thai fan on 6 November. He opens a very big match between “Seankaew” Pokaew Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp 126 pounds who reduce advantages for new muay thai fighter, Rittidet W.Wantavi muay thai training gym 124 pounds and there have another fight all time. Chun, Kiattipetch take a gain and bursary to building education building and support a project “Open a Satit House in Silpakorn University , Thailand “. He open the top muay thai fighters that muay thai fans favorite in the all list. A big match “Seankaew” Pokaew Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp fight Rittidet W.Wantavi muay thai training gym is a real muay thai match because they never fight before. This fight is a good time and good match.

muay thai

There have juniors muay thai match from Rayong “Rambo Rayong” Chokpreecha challenges Tuan. Muanthai S.Bunyeam extracts the hot star, Kengkla S. Chokchaikit who he can win. Followed by a real fight that muay thai fighters never met each other between Penthai Sinkpatong who is a 112 Lpn championship and Yokpetch, Somponk Mabpaput who return to be a hot star again and recently, he can win Wanchalonk Sitchonong muay thai training camp easily so it creates satisfaction among muay thai fans. The top muay thai fighter, Nuengtep Eminenair fights Pongrit C.Chernkamol and also Karn K.Kampanad beat Kengkad S.Chokgitchai. The first muay thai match is the lastest hot star, Verachon T.Tepsutin can win Prakaypetch or not. Then is the match between Henri S.Dechapan who prepare to extracts a new hot star Nantawat C.Rongrod with a bet four hundred thousand Baht. The last match is a muay thai fighter form South, Samsan a disciple of President muay thai will beat Panjern a disciple of Numnoy.

Chun is certain that Sian can’t be sure to be the winner

Chun Kertphet is certain about every couples of muay thai fighters broadcasted on Suek Kertphet muay thai program in Thailand that they can’t be sure to be the winners for compete  to won the millions bath for charity on this tuesday of 6th November A.D. 2012 because everyone is all in the muay thai fanclub’s memory and they are all good at boxing.

Moreover, whenever there is the fighting broadcasted on Suek Kertphet program , there are the main muay thai fanclub of Lumphinee muay thai stadium to admire Promoter Chunkertphet that every couples of muay thai fighters are all have their advantages and disadvantages and they have the fresh form of boxing to show their performances by fighting severely on both the big matches and broadcasted on channel 7 which make each couple of boxer to fight on this millions baht broadcasted program of this 6th November sounds play hard for all of them.

Besides, it will begin with the first couple boxer named the famous knockout or Weerachon Th. Thepsuthin to fight with Phrakaiphet Eminent-air muay thai training camp from Thailand , the second couple boxer named Karn to fight with Kengkart which is hardly to predict the winner , the third couple boxer named Phenthai to fight with Yokphet without knowing the winner , the fourth couple boxer named Neungthep to fight with Ponkit without knowing the champion , the fifth couple boxer named Khukham Muengthai muay thai training camp to fight with Kengkhla without knowing the winner. In addition to, there another  second couple boxer named Chokphreecha to fight with Thuan including with master couple boxer who never meet each other before at any boxing stadium named Hot Siankeaw or Phokeaw to fight with Rittidate by bargaining weight for 2 ponds followed by Ongree to fight with the fresh form or Nantawat and closed by Iiad Samson Sit Nayokwut muay thai training camp to fight with Phenngen Sitnumnoi.


Chun revealed that “For the couple muay thai fighters on this 6th November A.D. 2012 , I am certain that from the first couple boxer until the last one in the boxing list there might be the muay thai fanclub who are in favor of my setting up for the boxing list and they might be hardly to predict the winner of each couple boxer absolutely because every couple muay thai fighters can take turn to have their advantages or disadvantages. Besides, I have paid for their wages without limit and absence of competition ; moreover, there is the muay thai fanclub asking to me that why I have setup Ongree and Nantawat at the bottom. Indeed, it is my way of work  , so if I would like to set the big match , I should care for the good quality of work to make the muay thai fanclub be in favor and have fate to our work and can watch for the good couple boxer at most”