“Tuan” wills loss his weight in end of the rainy season

Gampanad Shusuwan, A manager of Panomsarkam confirms “Tuan” can loss his weight in end of the rainy season to 119 pounds. Previously, the weather is torrent so he cannot loss his weight but I am sure that he can fight on 6 November 2012. He not has problem and ready to fight Preecha.

Tuan G.Gampanad have a good form to fight in 7 Channel and win Kanen Sankeng Gelasport muay thai camp because his weight. But he is not forgetting about the previous fight that he loss because he cannot loss his weight. I guarantee “Tuan” can have his weight 119 pounds because this is in end of the rainy season. He can fight in the match that Chokpreecha G.Sagungue cooperation with Kiattipetch war to give revenue funding to support the open Satit house of Silpakorn University. “Raining in everyday is so bad but Tuan can fight and have a chance to win Preecha in this fight to entertain muay thai fans.” Gampanad reveals to reporters that his will loss his weight to 119 pounds is easy.

Kiattipetch muay thai program has a big fight between Pokaew Fonjang with Ritdet T.Tepsutin, Eangthai Chonleang with Ponlagit. Can Penthai win Yokpetch or not, can Kan win Kengkad or not and the good match between Prakaypetch fight Werachon, Henry fight Nantawad and the last match is Samsan meet Penjern.