Sia Riam has no choice because Sai has to fight.

Sia Riam Bophlabunchu had confirmed Sai F.A. Group muay thai training camp or his beloved disciple is ready to fight for overcoming Chok Phichi Phetmephern and create his new form after he had been defeated by his couple muay thai fighters for several fights. However, now his body is suitable to fight and he had prepared himself well although it will be his big task. However, he has been confident that Sai might make the muay thai fanclub to be disappointed of course.

In the past, several people had been interested in Sai F.A. Group because of his good shape , good height and excellent strategies until they predicted that he could develop himself as well as another famous muay thai fighter. Besides, later he had come to practice in the boxing camp of F.A. group which belong to Sia Riam Bophlabunchu. Morever, he had been supported by Sia tong F.A. group or Sia Surapon Phrasitphan that seemed make him proud and arrogant.   On the other hand, recently he had the terrible form  and been defeated be his couple muay thai fighters for several times until making the muay thai fanclub feel down to cheer him up.

However, recently he has met Chodphichi Phetmephern as the master couple muay thai fighter of Suek Muai Thai Ched see of channel 7 of this sunday of 18th November A.D. 2012 and Sia Riam had taken care him well with his preparing.  Sia Riam said that “now my boxing camp is active again when there is Fahmeechai F.A. group who came back to practice in our boxing camp which make all of our couple muay thai fighters have their own encouragement. Besides, for Sai    I have to accepted that now he had his form down over than his past form.   On the other hand, he is the diligent muay thai fighter and always practice. Thus, I said    to him that don’t give up because the China wall or Rome town didn’t finished  to create as one day, so the boxing has 2 sides that are winning and losing. However, for this fight I have been confident that he might create the good    form although it won’t be the easy task of us”