2 years can train “Yodwicha” to be the expert of boxing.

“Sia Phat” or Phraphat Bunsit has never thought that his boxer or Yodwicha Ph. Bunsit muay thai training camp will come so far as this way. Besides, for the general boxer he can change into the expert of boxing within 2 years and received the Siam Kila Award prize until gain money for 100,000 baht. Then, in the next fight Yodwicha will face with Sanchai and he doesn’t feel pressure and would like to be the winner which make the impression to the muay thai fans certainly.

Now, Yodwicha Ph. Bunsit muay thai training camp has come so far until been favored of the committees and received the 7th the Siam Kila Award on last friday.

Then, Sia Pat or the head of the muay thai camp said to the reporters of Muai Siam at Lumphinee muay thai stadium that “I have never thought that Yodwicha will come so far as this way , but indeed, I would like him to find much money in order to treat himeself and family only. However, it is unbelievable that within 2 years he can come so far as his dream by gaining 100,000 baht for his 1 fight. Then, it should thank for everyone to support him also. Besides, for the next fight Yodwicha will face with Sanchai , but he doesn’t feel pressure and would like to make the impression to the muay thai fans by being the winner of course.”


Next program of Ched See in Thailand Focuses on “OneChalerm”

For Seuk Muai Thai Ched See in next program broadcasted on this 17th March in  2013 , there will be the master couple boxer or OneChalerm Ch. Chienkamon muay thai training camp who will face with Apisit K.T. muay thai gym . Then, Chun has confirmed to every boxers to show their excellent form and fight with funniness in order to make the impression to all of the muay thai fans throughout the country.

Chun said that “For the opening of next program , there is the confirmation about every couple boxers that will have this fight already. Then, for this Suek Muai Thai Ched See or the popular program broadcasted on channel 7 on every sunday afternoon , there will be the next program broadcasted on this 17th March in  2013 beginning with the master couple boxer or OneChalerm Ch. Chienkamon who will face with Apisit K.T. muay thai gym in 130 pounds followed by the second couple boxers or Wangchannoi Situbon facing with Joggylek Kertphraphat in 119 pounds , Singthong S.  Yingchareankarnchang facing with Namthaothong Sorsor Suhaiyim in 119 pounds , Santhirat Kertchareanchai muay thai camp facing with Dorchorkhor Phichit Phetmeephern in 103 pounds , Thong Phetphayathai facing with Hanchai Ansukhumwit in 133 pounds and Siaphichit Kertchareanchai facing with Khachaphan A. Bunchay in 100 pounds.

As the result, for the program of channel 7 in Thailand Sia Chun always emphasizes that every boxers from every camps should fight with funniness and do their duties fully without focusing on the results of the game only. On the other hand, if the muay thai fans has favored in the match , the boxer can have the chance to fight in the next match although he has lost the game because he has done with his best.”

“Chanchai” confirmed fighting in 115 pounds isn’t be his problem.

Prabphiphob Luakkhlongton and Nukan Sitthidate confirmed that recently Phrachanchai Ph. Phetnamthong said that Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai camp  from Phuket is not necessary to bargain the weight to his couple boxer because of their similarity of strength and experience.

The reporters of Muai Siam had received the revealing from Phrabphob Luakkhlongton and Nukan Sitthidate or the teamwork of S. Thianpho muay thai camp after having the news that Thongchai Rattanasuban will bring Sangmanee S. Thianpho to bargain weight for Phrachanchai Ph. Phetnamthong for 1 pound in 114/115 pounds in the big match of Suek One Thongchaii program  on this 4th April  2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium. Besides, recently Phrachanchai said that he shouldn’t be bargained and he can fight in 115 pounds equally as his couple boxer. However, Phrachanchai would like Sangmanee to protect for his champion in the good way and he is afraid that if Sangmanee has lost him , he will say that it is because of the bargaining.

In addition , Phrabphiphob and Nukan said additionally that Phrachanchai gave the news recently that he has lost Sangmanee in the last match because of his much diet also.


Catch your eye for “Kongphuthorn” who will gain good support.

“Sia Thang” or Phiyarat Wachirarattanawong advised the muay thai fans to watch for the form of Kongphuthorn N. Nopphahirand muay thai training camp well and it is confident that this boxer will have the good future for sure. Besides, he has the good strategy and wait for only his strength to fight in every weight with everyone certainly.

After Kongphuthorn N. Nophirand muay thai training camp had showed his excellent form by overcoming Muengphet F.A. group beautifully in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai in Thailand on this saturday of 9th March  2013 in the last match at Muai Imperial boxing  stadium. Besides, Sia Thang or Phiyarat Wachirarattanawong had been watching in front of the stage and revealed that Kongphuthorn is the miracle boxer with good talent. In addition , he should increase his strenth in order to fight with everyone and every match without making disapointed to the muay thai fans for sure.

Sia thang said that “I would like the muay thai fans in Thailand for watching the form of Kongphuthorn well in order to be the well-known one because his strategy is good. However, he should increase his strength in order to be the better one in the future.”

The open fight of big fight

Songchai Rattanasuban set a Wan Song Chai War in Thailand . The open fight is S.J.Toai pad reaw, a well-known boxer will fight with the best muay thai, Chuponglek SAO Kampee of northeast.

The notable match of Wan Song Chai War is two playoffs fight of a small boxer size, Raktemroi Wisoodjarernyon muay thai training camp fight Sanchai T.laksong muay thai camp in 104 pounds fight. This match was collected top boxers to fight so muay thai fans who like this group should not miss. This is the boxer is this fight: Detkad P.Pongsawang muay thai camp fight Petchlamsin Kiatponlatip, Teelek 91 Rungrod fight Gumarndoi S.Jidpakdee muay thai training camp , Pungol T.Surad fight Danglan Greanggrai Camp, Takhak Sakhomsel fight Rit Jitmeoungnon, Bowy S.Tippawan fight Jarernpon Pobteeratam.

Especially the open fight of program is a good fight because they are twist to get a point. Chuponglek have more point 4 rounds but he loss to Chai in the last minutes of 5 round so Chuponglek willing to revenge in this fight. We use to loss because our boxer is a stead boxer but in this fight we can train him 100%. Anyone who bet on Chupong side and disappoint, we will win in this fight and not make them sad again. Chupong SAO Kampee is a good boxer that make muay thai fans impress so he always have fights on Wan Song Chai War. He has a chance to be a champion. Muay thai fans can watch Wan Song Chai War on 14 March.

A Lieutenant Ran guarantee

Lieutenant Ran, Police Sub-Lieutenant Niran Yodsapon is not forgetting to thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch about a chance of Fahsiam and Chujarern Dabrabsarakam muay thai training camp fight on Boxing Road Show for muay thai fans around Thailand. He confirms if they are not ready, he will not let their fight.

Boxers in his muay thai gym are emulate to show their form and have a chance to fight in downtown continuously that make Lieutenant Ran, Police Sub-Lieutenant Niran Yodsapon very happy. On Saturday 2 March, two boxers who have a live fight are Fahsiam Dabransarakam beat Petchdamneoun T.Tepsutin on a second fight on Muay Thai War Road Show. The other fight is Chujarern Dabransarakam meet Lukton Pornwarin are a first fight of LumPiNi TNG War. Lieutenant Ran confirms their preparedness and thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch.

“They are ready to fight. Althoug they are a stand-in boxer of Chujarern that have a fight at PHRATHAT NADUN, Fahsiam are training very hard so he is ready to fight. I am thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch about give a chance for them to show their form in Road Show around Thailand. I am guarantee they will not disappoint everyone.”

Konkiet Strives for Champ

Sit Tawan said the fans should enjoy the battle of Komkiet Manothammaruksa muay thai training camp , his beloved boxer, in the five stars Chicken round in Muay Dee Vee-tt Thai championship at Imperial muay thai staduim, Thailand since he can collect the scores lead the others for 2 points.

After Komkiet Manothammaruksa muay thai training camp shows his skills and won the battle by scores from Phetngam Kietkumpol in the five stars Chicken round in Muay Dee Vee-tt Thai championship at Imperial muay thai staduim, Ladprao. After the battle, Sit Tawan, Komkiet’s senior boxer, said to the fans to closely watch and enjoy the fight of Komkiet because he is sure that Komkiet will get into the final battle easily and nicely. So, wish him luck and we will make sure not to regret the fans.

“I would like you all to wish and support Komkiet, my beloved boxer, in the five stars Chicken round in Muay Dee Vee-tee Thai championship at Imperial muay thai staduim, Ladprao after he got the first 2 scores by beating Phetngam. His health condition is very good, so it guarantees the possibility to get into the final battle.” Sit said.


The Junior Lightweight Battles for 1 Million Baht

Boo Meungphet showed his 8 junior lightweight (130-133 pounds) boxers from 8 muay thai camps who passed the consensus and selection for 1 million baht championship in the 8th Phuc Tien Group. The first battle of Chao Muay Thai will be on Saturday 23 February, 2013 at Omnoi live on channel 3. Guarantee the quality of his boxers because they are all passed the consensus and the selection process.

After the 7th Phuc Tien Group ended on Saturday 9 February, 2013, Singdum Chokkanna muay thai training camp is the winner from this championship. The Phuc Tien Group Company is quickly arranged the 8th Phuc Tien Group championship right after the end of the 7th Phuc Tien Group championship. Boo is the sponsor for the 8th Phuc Tien Group championship that will be held at Muay Saim Omnoi muay thai stadium in Thailand . He is responsible for every process from selection to choosing the match. Not so long ago, Boo Meungphet announced the final of selection process and only 8 muay thai camps has passed the process. The lists are Liemphet Boonmee’s boxer, PTT Phetroongreung, Roongsangtawan Aj, Boonchorp’s boxer, Kaiwanlek Laksong, Nattapol Keitarworn Camp, Denprom Korat Sport School, Chaimongkol Phetsupaphan muay thai camp, Oronae, and the secondary boxers are Yodphetek Darpauan’s boxer, Phetsuvarnabhumi Nipaporn muaythai training camp , Dokmaitong Twinspecial, and Choktawee Korat Sport School. All of them are super featherweight or junior lightweight (130-133 pounds), and they are all passed a lot of battles in the city.

Chokepreecha Protects the Champ

Rambo rayong, the feather lightweight (118 pounds) champ from Lumpini muay thai stadium , Chokeprecha Sakulcher who has a lot of fans, mainly from Rayong and Phuket , cheering him at the stage on Friday 8 March, 2013. Chun Kietphet organizes the Lumpini championship in Thailand to protect their belt with many popular boxers from many camps such as Mondum Veerapol muay thai training camp . This time the staff is very detailed in checking because they afraid that Mondum will lose. In the past, he has injured in many fights, if he got punched too many times, he may not survive the 5th round.

Any muay thai at Lumpini Championship of muaythai-thailand.com , the fans will always come and watch them fight. This is the duty of Chun Kietphet to select good pairs of boxers and the fans can put gamble happily. Phetboonchu against Thai champion, Yodvicha Singdum against Lumpini champion, Sakeddao Yokphet versus Wanchalong, Pollakrit battles Lumnumpong, Pen Thai against fierce Lumpini champnion. The first pair is Kathaphet battles with Suksri Chumporn twin. After this fight, meet Kunpan Kietchareonchai, the bet starts at 200,000 baht. Chamuakphet Chitmeungnon. Praluehadlek Kraupailau Rayong battles Naruedech Suradech, the bet is at 200,000 baht.

Tongsak Said Rocco will Lose

Toi Ubon guarantees the performance of Tongsak, Toi’s boxer, that his health is in good conditions and ready to fight with Rocco, Koong’s follower. This fight will be held at Muay Siam Orm Noi stage on Saturday 23 February, 2013 . He is sure that Tongsak will win the fight.

On Saturday 23 February, 2013 at Muay Siam Orm Noi stage, the first battle will be Tongsak, Toi’s boxer against Rocco, Koong’s boxer. This pair will create an interesting fight for the fans. Toi Ubon publicly announced that Tongsak is perfectly practicing every day, and he believes that Tongsak will beat Rocco. So, he would like to invite the fans who love boxing to cheer at the stage.

Toi said “Tongsak is ready to fight now after he keeps practicing. I’m sure this fight Tongsak will use all of his strengths and skills to beat Rocco. I want to invite everyone to watch the fight and you will not regret.”

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