“Yan” will support his disciple in Semi final round.

Bangyan Phuket or the big boss of the Emyuden muay thai camp has asked for the guru of Southern area of Thailand and then he feel comfortable. Besides, it is certainly that Sakchainoi Emyuden has his better performance than Satanfa Boswikcaraudio  muay thai training camp and they are both knee boxers. Then, Sakchainoi isn’t afraid of him and Bangyan Phuket is ready to support his disciple instantly if Sakchainoi can be the winner of this fight.     In addition, Sakchainoi will be send to train in the big boxing camp as usual and he would be able to pass into the semi final round of Phunsia round broadcasted on the next Sunday of 3rd March in  2013 for sure.

What’s more, for the height and good form of Sakchainoi made him be the one of all good boxers to have prone to win in this Phunsia round broadcasted on this Sunday of 31st March in  2013. Then, Sakchainoi will face with Satanfa Boswikcaraudio , but it is confident that he might pass into Semi round of course.

Besides, Banyan or the big boss of Emyuden boxing camp said that “How Sakchainoi facing with Satanfa or the young boy from Hadyai isn’t so the easy task. However, after I have asked for several gurus of the Southern of Thailand , I am comfortable because Sakchainoi has his better name and being the champion of 115 pounds in the Southern area of Thailand also. On  the other hand, for fighting in channel 7 which is the Phunsia round , Sakchainoi can’t be careless also. Then, I send him to train in F.A Group muay thai camp as usual because it is the quality one that helps us much. Now, I am confident about Sakchainoi much more because they are all the knee boxers and Sakchainoi has better strategy to him. As the result, it won’t have any problem and it has prone that Sakchainoi will pass into the semi final round for the first boxer in the boxing camp.”


Fight for the great muay thai match between “Lamnamphong and Intreekaew”

“Big Song” had made the great lists of Suek One Thongchai that will broadcast on this 18th April in  2013 in Thailand already. Then, there will be the master couple boxer between Lamnamphong or Yeantawanna man fighting with Intreekaew Rachanon muay thai training camp  and other several boxers to fight in this program.

Indeed, Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban or the excellent promoter had the good plan to setup the big match of boxing broadcasted on this 4th April in  2013. However, it caused some errors. Then, there will be the changing of schedule again and lately Big Song had informed to the reporters about the lists to fight in this muay thai program again already. In addition, it will consist of Lamnamphong or Yeantawanna man facing with Intreekaew Rachanon , Rakthemroi Wisutchareanyon facing with Sanchai T. Laksong Camp , Phetlamsin Kertponthip facing with Sankeng Nuikafaeboran , Dedkhad P. Phongsawang muay thai training camp facing with Kumankoi S. Chitphakdee , Phenkon T. Surat facing with Yodmanut Phetphothong , Takhak Sakhoamsin Gym facing with Rit Chitmuengnon , Chai Sorchor Toi Padreaw facing with Tonphet P. Phramook , Chareanpon Phobtheeratham facing with Pornsanae S. Thipwan and Maruai Sitchaepond facing with Babu T. Phewloipakdee.

What’s more, Thep Thamma or the one of all teamwork revealed that all of the lists had just been completed to registered. Then, the muay thai fans can cheer up all of the couple boxers as usual. However, I would like to inform to every muay thai camps not to pour the water too much until effecting to the schedule to fight again. Moreover, every boxer should have their own responsibility to work also.”