SiaNao and SiaMai from Thailand is hopeful to setup the hot couple boxer from 2 muay thai camps.

The hot couple boxers from Suek Songkhla was impressive after the muay thai fans in Thailand had admired about their boxing style throughout the South of Thailand. On the other hand, the Bangkok people should predict about the couple boxer to fight in Bangkok by the setup of SiaMai Bangkapi or SiaNao Phetyindee to fight in Rachadamnern and Lumphinee muay thai stadium. However, both of Seksan AorKhwanmueng muay thai camp  and Datenarong WorSangphraphai muay thai training camp are all hurt after fighting hardly to each other because they are good muay thai camps in Thailand .

Now , it becomes to be the couple boxer in people’s memory that the muay thai fans in the South of Thailand all admired the way of this boxing couple’s style between Seksan AorKhwanmueng muay thai camp and Datenarong  WorSangphraphai muay thai training camp who fought on last Friday of 31st May in 2013 as the master couple boxer of  Suek Nawamintaksin and Muai Dee Witheethai at Nawamintarachutidtaksin in Songkhla province by the setup of the president Wutthichai Sunthornnon and Suphid Phitaktham. Moreover,  according to the result, Seksan had overcome his couple boxer with exciting way and they all gain blood. However, it was the lucky chance for the muay thai fans in the South of Thailand who had their chance to watch for this couple boxer first that makes the Bangkok people want to watch for this couple boxer too.

After that , the reporters of Muai Siam Daily had asked for Mit Nakorn or Sumate Siasattabongkot or the senior of Datenarong WorSangphraphai muay thai training camp and Sit Pakphanang or the teamwork of Sia Mai Bangkapi or the senior of Seksan who revealed that “Now the muay thai fans in Bangkok are waiting for watch the couple boxer of Seksan and Datenarong to fight again ; however, it depends on the date to fight and the program to fight only. Therefore, Mit Nakorn told Sia Nao Phetyindee to set up the next program well and Sit Pakphanang told Sia Mai to join in this program also. However, it should wait for two promoters in different programs to clear for each other first including of waiting for Seksan and Datenarong to take their rests in several days prior to train themselves after they are hurt from fighting in the last match.

Thamrong Chareankul said that “For the price of Seksan who had fought in Songkhla , he had gained for 150,000 baht and for Datenarong , he had gained for 70,000 ;moreover, they had gained additionally for each 20,000 baht from the governor of Phangnga province also.”