“Singthongnoi PorTelakul mauy thai camp ” confirmed to reduce his weight in Thailand for fighting in this match.


Singthongnoi PorTelakul  mauy thai camp thanked for BigSong and Phraphit Telakul to give him another great chance for this match ; he confirmed that on this  5th August 2013 , he might get revenge and overcome his couple boxer in 128 pounds without  making them worrying.

For the progress news of Suek millionaire OneThongChai that will broadcast on this 5th August 2013 , at this moment BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban has been supported by Sia Chun to bring a lot of talent boxers from many muay thai training camps to prove their performances. Besides, lately the reporters have been revealed from Singthongnoi  PorTelakul muay thai camp who will have queue to face with Superbank of Rattanabandit university that now he has trained at a muay thai camp in Hadyai. Moreover, he confirmed that for this fight to face with his couple boxer in 128 pounds , it won’t be his problem at all.

Singthongnoi said that “For the last match that I couldn’t  reduce the weight due to the short time and raining fall ; on the other hand, for this time , it won’t be my problem anymore. Then, the Thai boxing fans can feel comfortable and come to encourage me again and I promise to pay attention for fighting in this match surely.”

Besides, Singthongnoi said more that “I would like to thank for BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban and Praphit Telakul whom always give the great chance and support me all the times although I had lose the last 4 matches continuously. Thus, I will be grateful to them all of my life also.”

Somrak boasted “Phetmongkol” is great.

Somrak Khamsing boasted that Phetmongkol T. Thepsuthin muay thai training camp must pass into the final round of 3rd Weber certainly and he expected that for this final match , Phetmongkol might face with Saksongkram Phobtherratham who has overcome him before in the past for sure. However, for the next match prior the final round, Phetmongkol will face with Thanachai Ch. Pradit in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 27th July 2013 at Siam OmNoi muay thai stadium and he must be the winner certainly.

Besides, now Phetmongkol seems to have a good chance to be the champion of 3rd Weber because in the first match , he is able to win Thuanthong Phumphanmung muay thai training camp with several scores although he had lost to Saksongkram Phobtheratham in the later match. On the other hand, he might face with Thanachai Ch. Pradit on this Saturday of 27th July 2013 certainly for the semifinal round. Then, lately Somrak Khamsing or the head of the boxing camp revealed that “he is still confident that Phetmongkol might pass into the final round by winning Saksongkram for sure , so the Thai boxing fans should cheer up him well.

Somrak revealed that “I viewed that Phetmongkol might pass into at least the final round of Weber because I see that he might overcome everyone , except to face with Saksongkram that the Thai boxing fans should cheer him up to be the champion or not depending on his performance.”