“Yodkhunphon Sitmonchai muay thai camp ” is ready to Thai boxing fight in Thailand with many camps .


Yod Khunpon Sitmonchai muay thai camp of Rattanabandit university has trained himself hardly until his body condition is perfect and now he is ready to fight with Yodmuan Thong Phetyindee academy as the master couple boxer of Suek One Weerapon on this Friday of 26th July 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium in Thailand for sure. Moreover, he is assured that now his body condition is greater than his couple boxer , so he might overcome him to celebrate for moving into another muay thai camp absolutely.

Sia Mu Phuket will setup the new program of Suek One Weerapon on this Friday of 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium ; these couple boxers from 2 muay thai camps  might be favored to the Thai boxing fans in Thailnad . Moreover, for this fight Yodkhunphon of Rattanabandit university will face with Yodthuanthong Phetyindeeacademy and Yodkhunphon revealed that “ For this match , I have prepared myself perfectly and I am ready to fight for sure with my self-confidence to be able for overcoming my couple boxer after moving to the new boxing camp. Thus, the Thai boxing fans can cheer up me in this match.

Yodkhunphon said that “Although Yodthuanthong might have more experiences than me , but he has less strength than me. Besides, for this thai boxing fight I have prepared myself perfectly without any problem with hard training course from many camps . Then, I am confident that my body condition might be greater than Yodthuanthong for sure after I have moved into the new muay thai camp. As the result, the Thai boxing fans can come to cheer up for this match without making any disappointment to the muay thai fans for sure.”