“Kaewphayak Chitmuengnon muay thai camp ” will go to the South of Thailand , Phuket .

Sia Ouan Muengnon guaranteed about the training of Kaewphayak Chitmuengnon muay thai camp  to have his good body condition and he is ready to fight in the South of Thailand , Phuket , with Pheemai Arawan after overcoming twice times of three times. Then, it is confident that Teedet can perform his task to show his performance to the South people of Thailand. Then, for this time , it should prepare well although Kaewphayak has more disadvantages than his couple boxer and the rain always falls. However, it shouldn’t be the problem , so the boxing fans can feel comfortable.

Moreover, after Kodate Nudang has brought Khaophayak Chitmuengnon muay thai camp to fight with Pheemai Arawan in Suek Muai Thai Dee Nai Dee broadcasted on this Friday of 4th October 2013 at Phuket boxing stadium, there will be the broadcasting program through Siam Sports Live on True 97. Then, Sia Oun Muengnon revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that “For this fight , Kaewphayak always practice himself , especially to train with his brother or Phanphayak , so now his body condition is better although he has more disadvantages than his couple boxer as well as the problem of raining. On the other hand, because he has won for twice times  of three times , this time he should prepare well to show his good performance to the  Thai boxing fans . Thus, the Thai boxing fans should come to cheer up him also.

Sia Ouan said that “Now, my boxer is diligent to practice himself , especially to train with Phanphayak or his real brother to have his better body condition although there is always raining and he has to come for fighting in the South. Therefore, he had been the winner before , so the boxing fans should feel comfortable for him to gain a large amounts of money to spend in the muay thai camp.