Proposed Singphlaphaknoi to fight for channel 9 of Thailand again.


The muay thai Promoter of Atsawindam or the Surgeant Kosing Phuphata accepted that the telephone always rings after the Sergeant Kosing Phuphata or  the commander Sawake Phinsinchai had brought Singphlaphaknoi on channel 9 to face with Sanmuengnoi Khokphuyim on last Sunday 20th October 2013. Then, now the head of  muay thai training camp throughout the country know the telephone number of him and would like to ask for sending Singphlaphaknoi to fight on the next match again until the phone is ringing all the times.


Moreover, there was the excellent response for Nokweed or Singphlaphaknoi who proved his performance with Sanmeungnoi Khokphuyim as the fourth time after he had faced with his couple boxer in the first three times and being the winner for 2 times. On the other hand, Sanmuengnoi overcome Singphlaphaknoi for 1 times ; however, on the latest match , after they had fought for channel 9 as the third couple boxer of Suek Atsawindam in order to let the Thai boxing fans all the country to watch funnily ,for the three first rounds , Singphlaphaknoi seemed to have more strength , but on the final round , Muengnoi seemed to have more strength. Finally , Singphlaphaknoi become to be the winner by fighting with funniness and be favored to the Thai boxing fans much until the Surgent Kosin Phuphata gossiped to the reporters of Muai Siam that  “Now, the telephone of my boxing camp is always ringing because there are several of the head of boxing camp who had watched for this couple boxer from the North and the North East and The South to contact me although I don’t know some of them. Besides, they asked for the telephone number of us and would like me to send Singphlaphaknoi to fight for channel 9 until my battery is ran out of energy which means to have good response for my boxer much.”