It is excited that “Sumaee and Abbas Luaksuan muay thai camp ” will gain a large amounts of money.

Now, Sumakee A. Weerawan and Abbas Luaksuan muay thai camp had fought with each other for 2 fights and won for 1 time and lose for 1 time , so on this 22nd October 2013 Sia Tung will give a large amounts of money to them with the coordinating of Mit Nakorn to let them fight with    each other in order to be favored by the muay thai fans.


Sia Tung will setup for Suek Phetphiya on the special match on this 22nd October 2013 at Lumphinee boxing stadium in Thailand  for the master couple boxer or Phanomrunglek Kertmu 6 to face with Onechana on Suek Phetphiya as well as the second couple boxer or Yodphet W. Sangphraphai to face with Phetmanee Dabransarakham , Sumakee to face with Abbas Luaksuan mauy thai camp , Bankthai Sitsongpheenong Camp to face with Densurin Kittikaserm muay thai training camp , Danchai Kertphattaraphan to face with Yodkaikaew , Fairtext Phetwasorn P. Oannut to face with Phetnarin Luakkhaonanai muay thai camp  , Manaschai Luakmakhamwarn training camp  to face with Sinlaphathai Sitchiangrung. Besides, for the fighting of Sumakee and Abbas , Sia Tung revealed that “For facing in 2 fights , they took turn to be the winner and loser , so they will fight with each other again on this 22nd October 2013. Therefore, they are assured that Mit Nakorn will be the coordinator to gain for several hundred thousand baht.


Sia Tung revealed that “For previous 2 fights, they had fought with wonder by losing and winning for each 1 match. Then, for the next match , it might be exciting because of the gaining of a large amounts of money. Thus, on this time, Mit Nakorn is still clearing the program or running his duty as the coordinator to gain several hundred thousand baht and if it is possible , I will inform to the muay thai fans to know suddenly.”