“Wutthichai” will setup the program for every 2 Saturdays.

On this year , there will be the setup of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on channel 11 in Thailand . Then, The president Wuttichai Suntornnon has informed the teamwork of this boxing camp to separate the quota in each month dividing into Sia Nao and Nong Boat to setup every 2 Saturdays as well as he to setup every left 2 Saturdays  and Mit Nakorn to setup the left 1 Saturday by taking turn to each other. In addition, he revealed about this work plan to create the new star boxers with this boxing circle , especially for the several of South boxers in Thailand.

The famous president of Yantakhao in Trang province or Wuttichai Suntornnon or the significant person under the success of Suek Muai Dee Withithai has given the hotline news to Muai Siam Daily on last Thursday that “For the work to setup the broadcast boxing program through NBT on channel 11 , the Public Relations have informed every Saturday evening that from this year , the teamwork have to divide their tasks into setting up every 2 Saturdays by Sia Nao and Nong Boat , setting up every left 2 Saturdays for me and setting up for the left 1 Saturday for   Mit Nakorn by taking turn to have responsibility. Then, the next queue of me is to setup on this Saturday of 25th January 2014 and Saturday of 1st February 2014 with the professional teamwork consisting of Father Lee or the junior policeman Kertsak Mudor or   the president of occupational Thai boxing in the south of Thailand , Luikantang and Wittaya Phetsemeun. Thus, the muay thai fans can wait to see our work by setting this program soon.

Wuttichai said that “We divide the tasks obviously for the master work of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai of Thailand , so we have tried to arrange with our best capacity to make the lists of boxers in every regions of Thailand , especially for the South that most people proposed much to setup the new stars of the circle. Then, I wouldn’t like to beat anyone , but I told the teamwork that  we might create the fairness to every boxing camps. Besides, I believe that for Suek Muai Dee Witheethai, it should gain popularity from the muay thai fans throughout the country increasingly more than the past for sure.”