The hot boxers might fight in this muay thai match.

According to the showing of excellent form beautifully for the excellent boxer of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand , Phanphayak Chitmuengnon has just won Charnkit A. Pimonsri as the master couple boxer of Suek Kertphet Millionnaire on last Friday to gain income for Chun Kertphet for 1.6 million baht. Then, it should admire Chun Kertphet who has just been successful again , and then the next couple boxer is the meeting between Phanphayak to face with Onechalong Sitsornong.

After Chun Kertphet has been successful much on this year for Suek Kertphet with his good quality to setup all boxing programs. Then, Now  his income is more than 1.6 million baht which is as good as the income of the last year , and there will be several severe boxers to fight in the next programs.

Besides, For this program there are the hot boxers appearing no matter of Phetrung Sitsornong of Sia Chanu Thongphrasom from Ubonrachathani province and Ronnachai Santiubon or the fresh one as well as Phetchetsee S. thianpho muay thai camp who always shows his excellent form , Neungthep Sakami and Phanphayak Chitmuengnon or the good form boxers.  Besides, these winners of this match are the excellent boxers in Suek Kertphet for fighting in new boxing stadium or Ramintra for several ones. Then, on this 11st February 2014  there will be the excellent boxer from Phlangyao or the champion of 115 pounds or Onechalong Sitsornong to join in this program also to be interested of the muay thai fans in Thailand of course.