Petchseenil in good form

Yai Muangsupan, big boss of Payaksupan camp and care taker of Petchseenil Suanaharnpeekmai, is assured that his pupil will be able to win against Lamnammool Sakchaichote again. The game will be held on Tuesday of 18th February at New stadium, Ram-intra.

After Petchseenil Suanaharnpeekmai won against Lamnammool Sakchaichote in Suek Jao Muay Thai program at Siam Omnoi boxing stadium in December 28th, Sia Boo Muangpetch, promoter, has to label the revenge match to meet the boxing fan’s need which was asked overwhelmingly in Suek Petchsupaphan program on this Tuesday, February 18th  at new Lumpinee stadium, Ram-intra.

Lately, Yai Muangsupan, big boss of Payaksupan camp, who takes care of Petchseenil has revealed to Muay Siam reporter as follow. “According to current physical condition of Petchseenil’s body, I’m confident that Petchseenil will be able to win again. Boxing fan should be assured that there will not be any problem in this fight and it will be an old same story.” Yai Muangsupan assuredly said.