The big business man supports “Pud” to create the new generation boxers.

Phud Lorlek or the legend boxer of Trung province is ready to train the new generation of boxers to be the famous  and successful one on the boxing circle ; moreover, lately the business man  who is fond of sports or Aekkaphob Bualert has supported  of the boxing program fully.

Furthermore, Although  now Phud Lorlek is in  sixty years old , he still devotes himself as the same way. Lately, he comes back to live peacefully at Trung province and opens the gymnasium by training the Thai and foreign juveniles for boxing program. In addition, there is another business man or Aekkaphob Bualert to support in this field by having the new star boxers to take care of for 3 people ; namely, Kakaew , Sudsakorn and Yutakarn in order to gain experience prior to fight in Bangkok boxing stadium later.

Pom Suttipong Wattanakul or the son of the legend boxer from Trung province revealed that “ In this time, we have the business man who have the house and car tent business in Trung province as Aekkaphob Bualert to support under A. Bualert muay thai training camp. Besides, they are all the new generation boxers with the good training of him every day to take all boxers fighting in several boxing stadiums through the South of Thailand gaining experience.  As the result, On this 1st March 2014  Kakaew will have his queue to fight at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium as the master couple boxer to be the famous one with his potential.”