“Nuenglanlek” is expected to be the master boxer.

For the second couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai Chedsee on last Sunday , Neunglanlek Chitmuengnon is one of all boxers who showed the severe form by kneeing Rittichai Sitsorchor Piaktapong until being knocked. Later , his name is still on the mouth of the muay thai fans throughout Thailand .

Chun revealed that after this game has passed by , promoter Chun Kertphet doesn’t realize before that Neunglanlek could show such a great form as this way. Then, he is the special boxer to fight with anyone in 125-126 pounds no matter of Thuan K. Kamphanat , Fahsatan Rachanon muay thai camp , Chailek Kwaithongyim and King Kertchareonchai. Then, he might fight with the giant size boxers , such as Luakman Phonchangchonburi or Phokaew Phonchangchonburi in the next fight without worrying. Moreover, I would like the teamwork or Somchit Wankaew and Ouan Chitmuengnon to take care of this boxer for fighting as the master couple boxer in the near future.