“Saksit and Khomkit aim to be supported by the head one.

SiaTing thanked for SiaNao to open the chance for 2 boxers from Danthablang ; namely, Saksit and Khomkit to be under the responsibility of him. Besides, he is ready to train them to be the excellent one of program , and in the future Nawin Chidchob may bring them to work for his Muay Thai camp.

Therefore, the reporters have been revealed from SiaTing Somkert Triphattanaporn or the famous promoter of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium on last Sunday Evening that now these 2 good fortune boxers from Buriram province ; namely , Saksit Namkabuan and Khomkit Namkabuan have been under the responsibility of SiaTing already. Then, knowing that they might fight with whom ,   the Muay Thai fans should conceive the information. On the other hand, recently he made the list of Saksit to fight in Suek Sangsawangphanphla until they can show the beautiful form and get admiring. Thus, later Saksit might be supported to be the new excellent boxer definitely.

SiaTing revealed that in the past, both of these boxers had been under the responsibility of  SiaNao ; however, it caused some problems until SiaNao brought them for him to take care. Then, he would like to thank for SiaNao to bring these 2 boxers to him ; however, Saksit and Khomkit used to be the boxers of Ham Namkabuan which now is the head staff coach for Nawin Chidchob , who opens the gymnasiam of I Mobilee football field at Buriram province. Then, in the future both of them might move to be under of Nawin. As the result, he might invite Nawin for give encouragement to both of them prior to fight.