“Chun” has made the list of “Knotmai” to show his full performance.

Knotmai A. Nittayaporn Muay Thai training amp  has leveled up his performance after he has been the champion of Thai Insurance boxing program , so in the next match he might fight for Channel 7 boxing program. Besides, promoter Chun might bring Knotmai to fight with Nuengsiam N. Pantasane on channel 7 boxing program broadcasted on Sunday of 10th August 2014 ,which this couple boxer might be the favor one of the Muay Thai fans certainly.

Then, after the champion of 5th Thai Insurance or Knotmai A. Nittayaporn has grasped the champion belt and the prize amounts 150,000 baht to celebrate in the party , promoter Chun Kertphet has made the list of him to fight on channel 7 instantly by facing with Neungsiam N. Pantasane Muay Tahi camp on Sunday of 10th August 2014 at Channel 7 Muay Thai stadium already. Therefore, the teamwork of Banponlameungdee can’t stand on the calling of the Muay Thai fans , who would like to watch for Knotmai , so he made the list of him to fight in this program after he has showed the good performance in Thai Insurance boxing program with no losing to anyone.

In addition, Singkaserm or the teamwork from Banponlameungdee revealed that now Knotmai A. Nittayaporn  is ready to grasp the champion in 5th Thai Insurance for becoming to be the famous one to fight on 10th August 2014 on channel 7 boxing camp with Nuengsiam N. Pantasane with quaranteeing for the funniness surely.

“Riangchai” aims his boxer to be the champion.

The Surgent Sombun or the head of S. Riangchai Thai boxing camp revealed that now his beloved boxer or Phettree S. Riangchai Muay Thai camp is ready to grasp the champion of 5th Thai Insurance by fighting with Nia Knotmai A. Nittayaporn or the opponent on this Saturday of 5th July 2014 at Lumphinee Ramintra Muay Thai stadium through TGN channel. Morever, he is assured that his body condition is perfect in 100 percent and he is ready to fight in this match for being the champion or grasp the champion belt to the camp surely.

Then, after the program has passed into the Final round for 5th Thai Insurance setup on last Saturday of 5th July 2014 at Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium at Ramintra boxing camp through TGN began at 4.00 p.m. , it is the queue of Knotmai A. Nittayaporn to fight with each other. As the result, the Surgent Sombun or the head of S. Riangchai boxing camp revealed to the teamwork or the reporters that he is confident for his beloved boxer to be the champion because of his hard-working practicing and equal performance depending on strategy.

In addition, the Surgent Sombun informed that now his body condition is still better , but his performance of couple boxer is in the excellent way. However, he is still assured in his boxer’s performance. Thus, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand shouldn’t miss for this program as well.

“BigSong” put the efforts to create the excellent ones.

BigSong  said that every promoters should support the boxers or the new star of the circle in the good way , so if we don’t help each other , our fortune might be down. Thus, for  SuekOneThongChai on this 10th July 2014 , we have to open chance for the new star both of the small and the large ones to show their performance to become the famous star in the future.

Then, for Suek Mahashon Wanthongchai on this Wednesday of 10th July 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium BigSong  or Thongchai Rattanasuban might come back to join in setting up the boxing program again after being successful in the big match beautifully. Lately, he opens mind to the reporters of Muai Siam Daily at One Thong Chai Office and said that every promoters should create the famous boxers based on each style of each one.

For me ,  the main point of Suek Mahachon One Thong Chai is to create the excellent boxers follow with the beginning route to be the nice diamond. Then, for the master couple boxer of SuekOneThongChai on this 10th July 2014  , Phetlamsin Sorkor Sungaiyim might fight with Ploywittaya Phetsemeun Churong as well as the second couple boxer or Onephichit Meenayothin to get revenge with Phetmeungchon P. Suanthong , Khunsuek Aekbangtrai  facing with Sayannoi T. Laksong and the supporter or Kamponlek P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim facing with Kamaennoi Kertthongrit , Jojo Huarongnamkhang facing with Chotchai P. Suwannachot and others.

Thank for “Hua” to support.

Baew Luakmakhamwarn has thanked for Hua Rongnamkhang to support the boxers in the boxing camp until having full encouragement. Lately, Kumarnngen Huarongnamkhang has overcome the local one or Sornchai S. Yingchareonkarnchang because of his better body condition.

After Kumarnngen or Luakmakhamwarn Huarongnamkhang has overcome Sornchai S. Yingchareonkarnchang in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday of 6th  July 2014 at Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium. Beaw Luakmakhamwarn revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam to accept that this boxer has his gold heart not to be forced easily to fight. However, in the past he used to fight in the hard way only in the early round , but fight in the soft way in the end of round. Then, his name isn’t famous. On the contrary, in the latest match the Muay Thai fans in Thailand has seen his good point , especially for being support from Sia Hua to have his full encouragement and well-being. Besides, if Sia Chun has brought him to fight continuously no matter of in Bangkok or Countryside , we are ready to fight in the fully way to create his good name.

“The Lietunant Run” might fight in this boxing program with full performance.

The lietunant Ran Sarakham best regarded to the promoter Mit Nakorn and his Muay Thai fans in Bangkok not to be worried his disciple or Phetyaso Dabransarakham because of his good practicing and his good attention to fight. Besides, now he has won continuously prior to face with Kangkaodang Huarongnamkhang on this Wednesday at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium to fight with funniness and show the good name of Muay Thai stadium.

On last Monday evening, the Lietunant Ran or Niran Yotsapon or the head of Dabransarakham boxing camp or the famous boxing camp at Mahasarakham province and North East provinces reported directly on hotline about the practicing and preparing of Phetyaso Dabsarakham who might fight at Rachadamnern with Khangkhaodang Huarongnamkhang on this Wednesday of 18st June 2014 in Suek One Mit Chai supporting by Mit Nakorn or Sumate Seasattabongkot.

The Lietunant Run said that Phetyaso has practiced in the good way without having any mistake , especially with his good attention. Besides, he has the good trainer to take care of well , so the promoter Mit Nakorn and the Muay Thai fans in Bangkok shouldn’t be worried about this subject. In addition, if his body condition isn’t perfect , he won’t let him fighting in this match in order to lose the name of his boxing camp surely.

Thus, for the last third forms of Phetyaso , he has won Phetleacha S. Yuphinda Muay Thai training camp at Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium following by  winning Kotchasarn T. Kotchasarn in channel 11 and winning Samingdate A. Pramuan at Ubonrachathani province , respectively.

The police officers have found the M79 shooter and bullets in the village.

It is found M 79 shooter with 75 bullets in Village at Pranakornsriayuttaya province , so the officials expected that this situation is involved with the protesting.

Moreover, on 18th June 2014 the commander Sriwara Rangsiphramanakul ,  the commander Sirmkhid Sittichaikarn of Pranakornsriayuttaya province and the litunient Suthep Chanasit of Pranakornsriayuttaya province have investigated at 129/67 in Romrean village Mu.1 Wangchula district of Pranakornsriayutaya province at 11.30 p.m. on last 17th June 2014 after be informed by the horse soldier 17 and investigator 1 that inside this house has a lot of weapons. After that, the officials have come to this house. However, the soldiers and policemen didn’t allow them to investigate inside this house , except to wait the bullet keepers to check before.

On the other hand, after checking inside this house , it was found that it has 2 floors ; moreover, inside the storeroom it was found a M 79 shooter with 40 m.m. totally 75 bullets with good condition to apply. Then, after the basic investigating , it was found Mrs. Wantanee Hongpong or the 66 years old living at 30/9 M.1 Wangchula sub-district Wangnoi district , who provide the rent house to the rent people in this village. After that , she informed that 4 days ago there was the friend of her son to ask for renting this house. However, she didn’t know that he might keep the weapons in this house. Then, it can believe that this situation might involve with protesting ; furthermore, it was  found the nails for throwing on the road as the tap inside 2 fertilizer bags. Finally, the police officers have taken controlled of Mr. Chirawat or Mu Ornchunka or 40 years old man who rents this house to tell the truth. Later, he claimed that there is one person without knowing surname to rent after him , but the officers didn’t believe him and charged him to accuse for having weapon to apply further.

“Wittaya” feels shock after knowing that “Sia Mu” might quit from being the promoter.

Wittaya Phetsemeun or the assistant teamwork of Suek One Weerapon accepted that this time he hasn’t made the decision that he might bring the boxers who used to work with Suek One Weerapon to fight in where after  Sia Mu Phuket Weerapon Panchuai has made the decision to quit from being the promoter of Lumphinee yesterday.

Wittaya Phetsemeun or the big boss of Phetsumeun boxing camp and the assistant teamwork of Suek Weerapon has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after Sia Mu Phuket or Weerapon Panchuai has made the decision to hand in the quit letter from being the promoter of Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium yesterday that he accepted that this time he hasn’t made the decision to bring the boxers who used to work with Suek One Weerapon to fight where after Sia Mu Phuket or Weerapon Panchuai has made the decision to quit from being the promoter of Lumphinee yesterday. Furthermore, now he feels confusing and serious much due to sympathize Sia Mu and the head of boxers in this boxing camp , especially to feel shock after knowing this situation. Then, it should rethink about the way to take action about this subject.