“Tengnueng” hot negative gossip.

District, Surat voice cast. The camp det D agree with reporters said that boxing and was glad Teng disciple sister rainbow with program with Super Champion. Drinking water in the list of the pin tip KO Boxing Saturday 9 Aug 57 this om channel 3 live that the past who looked Teng that he is evil, but 2 boxing matches of the past a good show is 5 points of the punch 2 appointment not anyone in boxing around this time in the company are entitled to very high make Teng he deflate everyone accused is not symmetric. Rise boxing champion . A year 4 Weber company?! must see win the next depends on the luck of the child shabby before.

“The past people look bad Teng heart not the children proved to everyone see that he did not like what everyone thinks he’s not who arrived today in Muay Thai tournament the year 4 Weber indirect I happy with him and also to fight on to prove further the Teng a champion or not depends on the luck because other parts with everything, whether it is a crow. To practice care diet sleep I’m sure is second to none, because I won’t let the infamous I certainly, “said the camp det D said.

It tries to please the Muay Thai fans ;Sangsakda might fight in this match.

SakSakda T. Morsee has come back to show the good form in the latest match until overcoming Sansern T. Sangthiannoi and then Deer Kertphet and teamwork might make the list of him to fight with Singpornchai S. Sarinya as the master couple boxer of T Sport program on this  Sunday of 10th August 2014 further at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi on Tsport channel broadcasting from 8.00 – 10.00 p.m.

For SuekMuai Thai T Sports broadcasted on this Sunday of 10th August 2014 at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi  province , there will be the couple boxers to fight for favor the Muay Thai fans throughout the country continuously. Then, the teamwork Kertphet has selected the interesting couple boxers ; namely, the master couple boxer or Sangsakda T. Morsee to show the beautiful form in the next match with Singpornchai S. Sarinya in 125 pounds following by the second couple boxer or IIad or PhetnarinLuakkhaonanai to prove performance with Weerachat Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 101 pounds , MangkorndangDabphangnakornbarn to fight with Kengkat S. Rungwisai in 110 pounds and ManeelekPhetphayathai to fight with Poonlablek P. Srisukkarn in 100 pounds.

Deer Kertphet said that the teamwork and he try to select the most interesting couple boxers to fight in this match because they don’t want the Muay Thai fans to be disappointed. Then, for this Sunday he is confident that each couple boxer might fight with funniness surely, especially for the master couple boxer and the second one. Thus, the Muay Thai fans throughout the country should look forward to waching for these couple boxers much.

“Wichai” will solve the problem of “Rachanon Muay Thai camp”

Because of a lot of problems occurring inside the boxing camp, it makes a lot of credits disappeared , so the commander Wichai Rachanon can’t stand on this behavior. Then, he is preparing to manage Rachanon Muay Thai camp to be ready for fighting. In addition, he might solve the problems to make the big change by letting anyone who doesn’t care to run his duty should do another job.

Moreover, now the performance of Rachanon isn’t such a good way due to grasping in the second rank after fighting continuously which made the credits of this boxing camp a long several years disappeared. However, for this case the commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of boxing camp still would like to know the cause of problem , so he thinks that it’s time to make a change by put Rachanon boxing camp to be ready to fight. Then, anyone who doesn’t want to do his duty should apply another job , and he needs everything to be better.

The commander Wichai revealed that it is time for make a change for this boxing camp , so anyone who doesn’t like to run his duty , such as practicing himself he should find another job to do. Later, the teamwork of Rachanon should run their best task to quaranteeing about the practicing and the fighting of the boxers in Rachanon Muay Thai camp. Then, the Muay Thai fans should believe in himself for make a change of this boxer camp to be the good one.

It is time for the final match of Fukthiangroup fighting on this 16th August.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Hoprasertkit has told the Denchiangkhwan Kaotam Muay Thai camp or the final boxer of Fukthiangroup to prepare himself prior to fight in the final round of 10th  Fukthiangroup in Suek  ChaoMuaiThai broadcasted on this Saturday 16th August 2014 at OmNoi Muay Thai stadium with the determined program without changing anything.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Hoprasertkit said after Kaotam Luakprabat has won the score of Songkhom Sakhoamsin in the Semi Final round in Suek ChaoMuaiThai in order to fight with Denchiangkhwan Lamthongkarnphat that recently he has made the report to the supporters already about the final program to be supported by the supporters. Besides, in this match the president will come to watch the competition by himself, so he has to prepare this program as well as the couple boxers to fight with readiness without changing the names of couple boxers. Therefore, he has informed to Kaotam and Denchiangkwan including of Chatui to prepare themselves for fighting in this final round on this 16th August 2014 without changing anything certainly.