It is time for the final match of Fukthiangroup fighting on this 16th August.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Hoprasertkit has told the Denchiangkhwan Kaotam Muay Thai camp or the final boxer of Fukthiangroup to prepare himself prior to fight in the final round of 10th  Fukthiangroup in Suek  ChaoMuaiThai broadcasted on this Saturday 16th August 2014 at OmNoi Muay Thai stadium with the determined program without changing anything.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Hoprasertkit said after Kaotam Luakprabat has won the score of Songkhom Sakhoamsin in the Semi Final round in Suek ChaoMuaiThai in order to fight with Denchiangkhwan Lamthongkarnphat that recently he has made the report to the supporters already about the final program to be supported by the supporters. Besides, in this match the president will come to watch the competition by himself, so he has to prepare this program as well as the couple boxers to fight with readiness without changing the names of couple boxers. Therefore, he has informed to Kaotam and Denchiangkwan including of Chatui to prepare themselves for fighting in this final round on this 16th August 2014 without changing anything certainly.