“Wichai” will solve the problem of “Rachanon Muay Thai camp”

Because of a lot of problems occurring inside the boxing camp, it makes a lot of credits disappeared , so the commander Wichai Rachanon can’t stand on this behavior. Then, he is preparing to manage Rachanon Muay Thai camp to be ready for fighting. In addition, he might solve the problems to make the big change by letting anyone who doesn’t care to run his duty should do another job.

Moreover, now the performance of Rachanon isn’t such a good way due to grasping in the second rank after fighting continuously which made the credits of this boxing camp a long several years disappeared. However, for this case the commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of boxing camp still would like to know the cause of problem , so he thinks that it’s time to make a change by put Rachanon boxing camp to be ready to fight. Then, anyone who doesn’t want to do his duty should apply another job , and he needs everything to be better.

The commander Wichai revealed that it is time for make a change for this boxing camp , so anyone who doesn’t like to run his duty , such as practicing himself he should find another job to do. Later, the teamwork of Rachanon should run their best task to quaranteeing about the practicing and the fighting of the boxers in Rachanon Muay Thai camp. Then, the Muay Thai fans should believe in himself for make a change of this boxer camp to be the good one.