“Tengnueng” hot negative gossip.

District, Surat voice cast. The camp det D agree with reporters said that boxing and was glad Teng disciple sister rainbow with program with Super Champion. Drinking water in the list of the pin tip KO Boxing Saturday 9 Aug 57 this om channel 3 live that the past who looked Teng that he is evil, but 2 boxing matches of the past a good show is 5 points of the punch 2 appointment not anyone in boxing around this time in the company are entitled to very high make Teng he deflate everyone accused is not symmetric. Rise boxing champion . A year 4 Weber company?! must see win the next depends on the luck of the child shabby before.

“The past people look bad Teng heart not the children proved to everyone see that he did not like what everyone thinks he’s not who arrived today in Muay Thai tournament the year 4 Weber indirect I happy with him and also to fight on to prove further the Teng a champion or not depends on the luck because other parts with everything, whether it is a crow. To practice care diet sleep I’m sure is second to none, because I won’t let the infamous I certainly, “said the camp det D said.