Don’t be worry for “Phetchatchai”

Teacher Chuchat Luangpon or Chatchainoi Chaoraioai has thanked for the worry to his son   ; moreover, it has revealed that in the past Chatchainoi has taken cared of Phetchatchai by letting him checkup his body condition after fighting in every match because of his worry to his son as well as him. On the other hand, in the next time he would like to ask the promoter to allow his son to fight in 116-117 pounds without having more disadvantages than his couple boxer much.

On last Tuesday Evening , the reporter has been revealed from teacher Chuchat Luangpon or the former boxer or Chatchainoi Chaoraioai about the case of Phetchatchai Chaoraioai or his son that now everyone is worried about him due to his prone of high ratio for injury in every matches. Then, the former boxer would like to thank for everyone to be worried about his son.

Chatchainoi revealed that he is really appreciated and would like to thank for everyone who is worried about Phetchatchai. Moreover, all the times he has taken care of Phetchatchai well for having safety to fight. Besides, Phetchatchai is the fighter to have high risk to be injured , so he should try to change his style of boxing also. However, everything forces him to do like this way , especially for his losing that resulted from his weight to fight with the big size of couple boxers.  Finally, Chatchainoi would like to best regard to the promoter to let Phetchatchai to fight in the next match for 116-117 pounds only because he might not have more disadvantages to fight much as well as to fight in the good way for long term.