“Phinngen” boasted to win for several matches.

Phinngen B. Chongchareon is really confident and hopes to pass into the final round of Thai Insurance with 100 percents by overcoming Sangnamchok S. Suradate not so hard.

With the hot form ,he becomes to be the top form boxer of 6th Muai Thai Insurance. Recently, Phinngen B. Chongchareon had showed his great form to overcome Chamuakphet Thrabriangnate in Suek Thai Lumphinee TGN on this Saturday of 23rd August 2014 by grasping the champion in 2 matches continuously. Moreover, now Phenngen has to overcome Sangnamchok S. Suradate in the next match to gain excellent statistics for 100 percents in order to pass into the next round easily.

Furthermore, Phinngen B. Chonchareon revealed that now he is confident about his form after winning in 2 matches continuously to have more confidence. Then, on the next match he hopes to win Sangnamchok in  order to make the winning statistics and pass into the deeper round comfortably.  Thus, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand should cheer him up also.