“Pae” is really curtained that “Koko” might grasp the champion surely.

Pae Meanburi is really confident that Koko Phaemeanburi might not make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand absolutely as the past match that he has lose with the good strategy of his couple boxer on the last round until tie-up with him. However, he has his good chance to grasp the champion in 102 pounds as his honor without anyone to do before. Besides, for channel 7 there are the final matches to fight , which Koko has fought for 2 times continuously.

Pae Meanburi revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after Sia Chun Kertphet has brought KoKo Pae Meanburi to grasp the champion in 102 pounds at channel 7 Thai boxing stadium with his old opponent or Phetrung Sitsornong again after tie-up with each other in the last match of  Muai Thai Channel 7 on last Sunday of 19th October 2014 that in the last match his boxer has lose the game with carelessness. However, for this fight he has learned the good lesson , so it is confident that Koko Paemeanburi might not make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand as the last time surely.

Pae said that after last fight his boxer or Koko  is still hurt due to his losing the strategy in the last match to tie-up with his couple boxer. Then, in this time he has his good fortune to grasp the champion in 102 pounds , so it is honor for him much after there is nobody to grasp the champion in many programs as him before. Moreover, on channel 7 Muay Thai camp Koko has grasped the champion for 2 times continuously. Thus, he is really glad to have the good fortune again.

“Kitti” has been sick of paralysis.

Kitti Kertphraphat or the former well-known champion of the boxing circle would like to ask  the people in this circle to assist him urgently after being sick as paralysis until he has got rest at his hometown in Mueng District of Lamphang province in several months with his not well-being. Besides, he had admitted at the hospital , but his body condition is still worse after his brain is broken due to his severe fight.

The reporters of Muai Siam has been revealed from Teung Nawanakorn or the well-known Muay Thai fans about the sickness of Kitti Kertphraphat after talking to Siahuanlek Ch. Sophiphong or the former well-known boxer on facebook and received the bad news that Kitti is sick with paralysis to get rest at his hometown in Lamphang province with his not well-being. Then, it should let the close people and the Muay Thai fans to assist him urgently.

Ting Nawanakorn revealed that he has talked to Siahuanlek until knowing that Kitti Kertphraphay has his worse body condition to have paralysis and he cannot be able to walk anymore. Moreover, although he had admitted to the hospital in Mueng district of Lamphang province , his body condition is still worse due to his severe fight until his brain is broken. Then, the close people , the people in boxing circle and the Muay Thai fans should aid him urgently to make merit because of his not well-being.

Normally, Kitti is the former well-known boxer of channel 7 to be known of the Muay Thai fans throughout the country with his real name of Suwit Tainbut , and now he is staying at 2 Mu. 7 Banaem Sub-district , Mueng District in Lamphang province.