For Puinokphakhang Muay Thai tournament , it is in the hot current.

For Puinokphakhang Muay Thai tournament broadcasted at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium , each of couple boxers has fought with funniness in every matches. Moreover, on this Sunday of 7th December 2014 of Suek Maemai Muai Thai the teamwork or Deer Kertphet has placed the master couple boxer for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up between Palangchai P. Peannaphat to face with Sangsakda T. Morsri. Besides, Both of them have been the winner in the last program after Palangchai has  showed his fresher form to win his another couple boxer as well as Sangsakda  , who has fought in severer way to win his another couple boxer by gaining much money too.

For Suek Mae Mai Muai Thai by the supporting of Deer Kertphet , he has emphasized with the master couple boxer of  Puinokpakhang Muay Thai tournament between Palangchai P. Peannaphat to face with Sangsakda T. Morsri in 124 pounds as the correct ones for the knee boxer fighting with the kick boxer to favor the Muay Thai fans much increasingly.

For the second couple boxer, there will be the big boxer or Yodchingchai Sittikul  to face with the countryside one or Datenattapon Sitthongpon as well as Chingreadthong Chitmeungnon to face with Kamphangphet S. Damrongchia and the first couple boxer or Designlek Rachanon  to face with Kittichai Satiscd

Deer Kertphet revealed that now Chitmuengnon boxing stadium is still the last boxing stadium to setup every Sundays. Then, the teamwork has made the list of amusing couple boxers to fight in this program for every matches including of A and B line , which are favored to the Muay Thai fans much. Besides, there will be another couple boxer to fight in this game ; namely, Palangchai after winning and losing for each of once time with Sangsakda. Then, if Sangsakda will be the winner , he might pass into the next round following by Palangchai to favor of the Muay Thai fans in Bright Television Channel Muay Thai fans as well.