Confirms that “Yodkhunphon” has his fit condition.

Susak or Tawee Niranrat or the big boss of Sakniranrat Muay Thai camp has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that now Yodkhunpon Sitkaewprayoon Filmkrongsangextracoal will have program to fight in the Semi Final round of 11st Fukthiangroup with Messey Pangkongphrab in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 14th February 2015 at Om Noi on channel 3. Besides, he might pass into fighting with Berkbarn Luakmuengphet  with this  time for preparing himself well among the matches. Thus, the big boss of Sakniranrat Muay Thai camp has accepted that although his Muay Thai camp has not much a name varied from Pangkonghrab Muay Thai camp , but he believes that the Muay Thai fans of Muai Thai program might cheer up his boxer as well.

Susak said that for this match he should put all efforts on his work as the best in this boxing program. Then, for the readiness of the Muay Thai fans in his Muay Thai camp to cheer up his boxer it shouldn’t be worried because although his Muay Thai camp is the small one , his one still sees the importance of the recognition. Thus, his boxer might fight with his good performance despite of being the second one in the past. However, now  his boxer has become to be the champion in all match. Thus, it shouldn’t be worried about his preparedness because he might not fight without showing the good form certainly. As the result,  the Muay Thai fans should be the supporting ones also.