“Banglee” has felt alright to fight with “Taladkhwag”

Banglee or the police senior sergeant mayor Kerttisak Mudor believes that Taladkhag Saksamrit is ready to be in the same level of Star Boy Sengsimaewyim. Then, in the future he might be the champion with his strong heart and his good body condition for showing to the Muay Thai fans of the South of Thailand.

After SiaChun Kertphet has brought Taladkhwag or Saksamrit to face with Star Boy Sengsimeawyim as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday at Morchit on channel 7 , now Banglee or Kerttisak Mudor or the supporter has said that on the latest match he has showed his good form to overcome Daewtrang Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu with funniness. However, on the third round he has been fought until showing the worse movement , but on the left rounds , he can knee his couple boxer until grasping the champion with his good encouragement. In addition, he would like to become the master couple boxer in the future , and in this match he might face with                         the hard task like Starboy to be knocked on the last round prior to be the champion.

Furthermore, for this match he has felt alright to face with the hard task with his continuity to practice himself as well as his better body condition and his stronger heart. Then, in the future he might become the champion of course to be the master couple boxer to show the good performance to them.

For other couple boxers, there will be Saketthong Luakthungpho to face with Yimsiam Uaddonmueng , Aekwayu of Thonburi Bangkok university to face with Sibtid S. Suradate , Phethuatrai Satidcd to face with Onemeechok Phuhongthong , Phetkarung K. Kampanat to face with Thungsangthong P. Chareonphat and Bunnam Ansukhumwit to face with Phanphayak P. Niramon.