The knee one might challenge with each other between Nuengthep and Phet to guess the winner.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on this Sunday of 22nd February 2015 , Chun Kertphet might bring another excellent couple boxer of this age with 100,000 baht to fight on channel 7 between Phet A. Phimonsri to face with Nuengthep Imminentair in 118 pounds after fighting with each other before to win and lose for each of 1 time. Then, in this match it might predict for the winner in this Semi Final round.

Then, for the master couple boxer fighting on this Sunday of 22nd February 2015 it might be the luckiness of the Muay Thai fans to watch the well-known master couple boxer fighting in Bangkok at Lumphinee Rachadamnern boxing stadium on channel 7 again with the high price of couple boxer amounting for 100,000 baht and the ticket price from 270 to 300 baht.

Singkaserm Banponlameungdee revealed that on this Sunday the promoter Chun Kertphet might support the master couple boxer or Phet A. Phimonsri to fight with Nuengthep Imminentair because this couple boxer always fight with funniness with the strong knee of Phet to be patient for fight in all 5 rounds with comfortableness. Thus, this couple boxer might gain a large amounts of money surely , so the Muay Thai fans who has never watched this good form couple one before should come to watch this game promptly on this Sunday for Suek Muai Thai Ched See. Besides, this program might consist of the master couple boxers in the big match from the millionaire program to fight for free , so everyone shouldn’t miss this good one.