“Mai” has confirmed for ”Lomtaley” to fight for the big match.

Sia Mai Bangkaphi is still angry after on the last match Lomtaley Sitsorueng has lost to Sakmongkol 96 Pheenuang. Thus, on this match he should show the good works without making disappointment to anyone. Besides, it can show that Lomtaley has showed the good practicing with diligence and good attention. However, now it’s time to fight with Rakkitti T. Phaophiamthrab and then he might not be the loser because he has his bigger size.

Currently, Lomtaley Sitsorueng might become to be the leader famous boxer ; however, lately he has lost to Sakmongkol 96 Pheenang Keezayim with bad expectation. Thus, on this Wednesday of 23rd September 2015 Lomtaley might fight with Rakkitti T. Paopiamthrab in 127 pounds equally on Suek Chucharoen Muai Thai at Rachadamnern boxing stadium by being supported from Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong though he hasn’t faced with each other before.

On last Thursday Evening, Sia Sommai Sakulmateta or the head of Palangmai and the head of Lomtaley has told every boxer to take care of themselves and live well especially for his not contentment of the performance for Lomtaley.

Sia Mai said that now Lomtaley always shows the bad performance , except for his good practicing. However, for this time he gives the opportunity to him again in order to fight with Rakkitti. On the other hand, though his name is better he may lose the game because of his bigger size to let Lomtaley miss to be the winner.