“Leiang” might threat for his boxers to bring back if violate the rules.

Leiang K. Thanachot has let the boxers of Suek One Thong Chai to take control of the weight in the excellent way without making any problem as the past time. In addition, all boxers should reduce the weight because all the times the boxers in the boxing camp have never asked for fighting in any weight. Then, it might take that each boxer back in the only way without saying much word due to being the adult.

Leiang K. Thanachot or the teamwork of Aekbangtrai A. Khuntorn boxing camp said after One Thong Chai teamwork has brought Phetmeungchon to fight with Peankon T. Surat as the second one of One Thong Chai that will broadcast on this 27th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Moreover, all the times this boxer is one of his teamwork, so everything might be as the order of the boss without making any decision by his own. Thus, if this boxer can’t make the suitable weight as the requirement  , he might take this boxer back because we are the one team to obey the boss. Therefore, the teamwork of Suek One Thong Chai should clear the weight in the good way without having any problem as the past in order not to be brought back to the boxing camp. However, fighting in the bad way he might take the responsibility as the teamwork to take care of the boxing match.

Muai Dee Withee Thai will adjust the order of the couple ones in the new ways to favor the Muay Thai fans.

The Muay Thai fans of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai have favored to watch for the different program boxers which played the good roles much until some of them would like to have the adjustment for great ones in the new way from postponing to fight as the fourth master one of the boxing program instead of the third one on each match. Then, the teamwork can listen for the suggestion to improve this boxing program further.

For Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasted on channel 11 on every Sundays from 3.00 – 5.00 p.m., since 2016the teamwork of Nayokkai or Kitti Paopiamthrab and Sorchor Wichit Ounglaor have setup for 4 boxing matches which have been interested much from the Muay Thai fans much to watch at the boxing stadium or on channel 11.

However, the teamwork has allowed the Muay Thai fans to express the opinions including to give the suggestion about the way to improve or change the program. Thus, it shows that the Muay Thai fans have favored most for watching for the different program boxers or the interesting ones. On the other hand, they would like the master couple ones to fight as the fourth couple ones instead of the third one on all matches , so now it might be considered at the meeting of the teamwork further.

“Chun” has showed for 2 master couple ones between “Banlangngen” to fight with “Keawphayak”.

Now, Chun Kertphet or the quality promoter in this hour is focusing on the continuous work of Suek Kertphet , especially for the work of 2 master ones of the match after they still have the wonder as well as the calling of the Muay Thai fans. Then, on this Tuesday of 26th January 2016 there might be  the severe ones to fight between Banlangngen P. Peannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak Chitmuengnon.

On Suek Kertphet , there will be the new match that the well-known promoter or Chun Kertphet might make the list of the couple ones on Phayakthongkham group with the small one in 108-109 pound. Besides, they might fight with their funniness to favor of the Muay Thai fans in every match for sure.

On this Tuesday of 26th January 2016 , Chun Kertphet might support the master one to be the winner after this boxer has lost to Banlangngen P. Peannaphat on the last match. Then, the Muay Thai fans might be worth to pay the ticket for this match as well as the second one also; namely, Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan to fight with the former champion in 105 pound at Lumphinee boxing stadium or Phetrung Sitsornong in 108/109 pound. Additionally, there might be the supportive one to grasp the champion of channel 7 ; namely, Khaosanit Dragonmuaithai to fight with Nengen Luakchaomaesaiwaree following with Klaphachon Luakbanyai to fight with Khomphai Mahachaiphattana , Ninmangkorn A. Sabaitae or the excellent one ,who just gain 1,200,000 baht from fighting on channel 11 to fight with Daew Pharanchai and Phetaek of Keelakorat school to fight with Jacksiam A. Aranya and others.

It will push up “Srimeungphai” to fight continuously as the main boxer of the boxing circle.

Sommai Sakulmateta has confirmed that since now he might make the list for Srimuengphai S. Somphong to fight for continuous matches as well as supporting him to be the main one to fight of this boxing circle too.

Sommai Sakulmateta or the head of Palangmai group has said after he has assigned work for letting Srimeungphai S. Somphong or the champion of Weber to be made the list by the Sergeant Tui Sangmorakot. Then, he might fight with Sirimongkol Sitniwat as the master one of Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on this Saturday of 30th January 2016 at Om Noi boxing stadium. Additionally, it is said that the Surgent Tui Sangmorakot is the nice man , so this task is for him. However, since now Sommai might still make the list of Srimeungphai S. Somphong continously as well as pushing up him to be the main one of this boxing circle also. Similarly, it should let this boxer to be made the list with another promoter due to his less money to gain from, so Sommai should assist him to assign his work to. As the result, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried about this subject because he might allow this boxer to fight every month surely.

“Taksinlek” might prove his performance whether to become the winner to be praised.

The Uncle Moo Kertniwat or the trainer of Taksinlek Kertniwat has bested regard to the Muay Thai fans because he has symphatized him after he has lost the game ,except being the winner. Then, it is confident that this boxer might not betray for his career surely. Therefore, in this next match he might fight with Yokwittaya Phetseimeun on Suek Phetwittaya on this 28th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. And, he might become the excellent one as the past absolutely.

After Taksinlek Kertniwat has been knocked by his couple one , he has been blamed by the Muay Thai fans. Then, Moo Kertniwat or the trainer of Taksinlek doesn’t feel comfortable for this action by the Muay Thai fans , so he has asked for the symphathy not only for being the winner only. Besides, he has consoled his boxer and sent the encouragement to him to grasp the champion in the future.

For another match , Taksinlek might fight with Yokwittaya Phetseumeun in 131-133 pound on Suek Phetwittaya on this Thursday of 28th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, the trainer Moo has revealed that Taksinlek has the good habit , so the Muay Thai fans should be symphatized for him and believes him not to fail of the match for 100 percent.

The trainer Moo is really certain that on this match he would like the Muay Thai fans to prove for his performance whether Taksinlek is good enough to become the excellent one in the future.