“Leiang” might threat for his boxers to bring back if violate the rules.

Leiang K. Thanachot has let the boxers of Suek One Thong Chai to take control of the weight in the excellent way without making any problem as the past time. In addition, all boxers should reduce the weight because all the times the boxers in the boxing camp have never asked for fighting in any weight. Then, it might take that each boxer back in the only way without saying much word due to being the adult.

Leiang K. Thanachot or the teamwork of Aekbangtrai A. Khuntorn boxing camp said after One Thong Chai teamwork has brought Phetmeungchon to fight with Peankon T. Surat as the second one of One Thong Chai that will broadcast on this 27th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Moreover, all the times this boxer is one of his teamwork, so everything might be as the order of the boss without making any decision by his own. Thus, if this boxer can’t make the suitable weight as the requirement  , he might take this boxer back because we are the one team to obey the boss. Therefore, the teamwork of Suek One Thong Chai should clear the weight in the good way without having any problem as the past in order not to be brought back to the boxing camp. However, fighting in the bad way he might take the responsibility as the teamwork to take care of the boxing match.