It can overcome the proponent from Korat or “Siayai” suddenly.

“Sia Yai” or Luakmuengphet Ch. Harphayak is confident not to make the bad work on Darby match in Korat. What’s more, he might prove his performance to overcome his proponent or Santhanong T. Silachai on Suek Mahachon One Thong Chai. Similarly, this program might broadcast on this 27th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium.  Thus, this year might be his lucky one to defeat Santhanong.

For Suek Mahachon One Thong Chai, now the Muay Thai fans have been waiting for the promoter Big Song or Dr. Thongchai Rattanasuban to setup for the new quota again on this Wednesday of 27th January 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Therefore, the Muay Thai fans might watch for the master one between Phichitchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim to fight with Phetchatchai Chaoraioai which this is the interesting one.

Furthermore, it might bring the severe one to fight on this game again to favor the Muay Thai fans between Sia Yai Ch. Haphayak fighting with Santanong T. Silachai. Then, though in the earlier this boxer used to fight in the countryside not in Bangkok and lately Siayai has lost the champion to Santhanong, fortunately, it can wait for the good opportunity in this year for Santhanong. Besides, he might bargain his weight for 2 pounds to fight with Sia Yai for 106/108 pounds. Then, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for watching this another one fighting for Suek One Thong Chai that will broadcast on this 27th January 2016 too.