“Phettho will fight with “Phetmeungkao” to show the great performance on the second match of “Krekkru”.

For Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai program on the match of 2nd  Krekkhru that has broadcasted on Now channel on last Sunday, there were Siasat Paemeanburi to fight with Sab Phraranchai for showing of the amusement. Besides, lately they have showed the good strategies in the superb way. Additionally, in the next match there will be Phettho to fight with Muengkao to favor of the Muay Thai fans and show of the funniness too.

Therefore, on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016 there will have the second couple one of line A ; namely, Phettho to fight with Phetmuengkao T. Taksin. Moreover, this couple one is the famous stars to be guaranteed of the good performance not less than the first couple one for sure. Then, Singkaserm Banphonlamuengdee has confirmed that this one might fight amusingly to favor the Muay Thai fans of course.

Additionally, there will be others as the good ones; namely, the master one or Phetchiangyean Chitmeungnon or the severe knee boxer to fight with the good performance and severe chin or Madkhom of Keela Korat School in 140 pounds following by Jacksiam S. Sayan or the new star from channel 7 to fight with Chuphet Sitphananchiang and Chirdcha Luakphakphrak to fight with Chokphichit Ph. Chareonphat.