“Chun” would like everyone to cheer up for the small size and first couple one to gain large amounts of money.

Now, Chun Kertphet has reminded the Muay Thai fans to pay the ticket for watching since the first couple one of Suek Kertphet that will broadcast on this 17th May in 2016 between Songkroat Muailek or Kimluai S. Suphrattra fighting with Kaichon Sorchor Phaithoonpakkred to remove the wondering. Therefore, it gains the wondering after they have taken turned to be the winner and loser for once time equally. Therefore, he would like the Muay Thai fans and the relevant people in Suek Kertphet and Suek Muai Thai Ched See to be the witnesses of this game. And, he believes that they mightn’t make the disappointment to us in order to gain at least 200,000 baht for the winner.

In addition, Chun Kertphet will setup for Suek Kertphet on this 17th May in 2016 at Lumphinee consisting of the master one or Lomhuan Sitlomnao fighting with Phalangchai P. Pheannaphat , the second one or Pentor Th. Pran 49 fighting with Khaosanit Dragon Muai Thai , the supporting one or Thanchai Santiubon fighting with Sangdaew Erawan , Phetsaiphon fighting with Satanesarn Kertchuthai , Thongphun Sitphananchai fighting with Phetaek of Keela Korat School , Chokkunsorn S. Yingchareonkarnchang fighting with Kengchana Sitchangphao and Kimluai S. Suphattra fighting with Kaichon Sorchor Phaithoonpakkred.