“Big Song” has already cleared all problem by making the lists between “Pheankon facing with Phrachanbarn”.

Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has confirmed that recently he has cleared the problem with the both of the head of the boxing camps already. Then, he can bring Pheankon T. Surat to fight with Phrachanbarn Sorchor Wichitpadraew to grasp for 1 million baht on Suek One Thong Chai. Thus, on this 9th June this couple one will fight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium by letting Pheankon to bargain his weight to his couple one for 1 pound at 113/114 pounds.

Big Song said that in the earlier after Pheankhon has won his couple one on the last match , now he is ready to fight with anyone in 112-114 pounds to grasp 1 million baht. Therefore, it has the conclusion of him after Big Song has coordinated to the both head of the boxing camps for making the lists of this couple one. As the result, it has known that Pheankon will bargain his weight to Phrachanbarn for 1 pounds to fight in 113/114 pounds for sure to grasp for 1 million baht on the next match .