“Mit” indicates that now “Khaidaew” will face with the tough task.

Mit Nakorn or the teamwork of Phetyindee has accepted that he is heavy of heart instead of Kaikhao P. Thairungriangkhamai to fight with the strong one or Yodlekphet A. Phitisak as the rare one. Then, it is quite hard to confirm that who will be the winner in this game. However, it has pointed that Yodlekphet has his fresher form than his couple one for sure. Similarly, Kaimookkhao has his much experience with the good performance than his couple one , so it depends on whoever to practice himself better than else as the master one of Suek Phetatsawin. Thus, it will be the new match to be setup by Yut Chonburi on this Friday 24 June , 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. And, the teamwork of Phetyindee is ready to make exchange for the boxers of every program with agreement.

Now, on this Friday 24 June, 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium there will be the boxers from Palangmai boxing camp and Phetyindee boxing camp totally 4 couple ones to fight with each other. In addition, for the master one, there will be Yodlekphet A. Phitisak fighting with Kaimookkhao P. Thairungriangkhamai in 131 pounds without facing with each other before.

Mitnakorn has revealed that for this couple one , it has the ratios of 50/50 percent to be the winner , but it depends on the better teamwork to assist each boxer. In addition, now the teamwork of Phetyindee boxing camp is ready to exchange the couple ones in every program with agreement.