“Mangkornkhao” might be the champion to be bargained for 1 pound.

In this moment,  although Mangkornkhao Phangkhongphab or the male boxer has his good performance , he still has his second performance than Tamruajlek Teedetlongen or the old experienced one with good strength.  On the other hand,, now Mangkornkhao still has his more advantage than his couple one to fight in 130-131 pounds with high ratios to be the champion.  Additionally, now Mangkornkhao is under the management of Pae Meanburi and he will fight with his couple one as the master boxer of Suek Mae Mai Muai Thai at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Finally, this program will broadcast on this Saturday of 16 July, 2016 on bright TV since 2.00-4.00 p.m.

Then, the teamwork of Banphonlamuengdee or Chun Kertphet will setup this program to watch on this Saturday of 16 July, 2016 on Bright TV since 2.00-4.00 p.m. ; namely, Teedet Longen to fight with Mangkornkhao Pangkhongphrab in 130-131 pounds.

Therefore, now Mangkornkhao has his chance to become the winner by practicing with Pae Meanburi at Pangkongphrab boxing stadium. What’s more, it can trust for the boxing standard and the boxing camp standard too.