“Satanfah” has thanked for the encouragement ; on the next match he would like to fight with “Phonkrit”.

Currently,  Jack killing the Giant or Satanfah Imminent Air has best regarded to thank you for the Muay Thai fans and the teamwork to send the encouragement to him. Then, he can defeat Choknamchai S. Siaphet . Thus,  in the next match the affiliate should consider for him to fight with the old proponent as Phonkrit T. Aewchareonthong Phuket once again. Therefore, if he can fight to grasp the champion , it will be the good pleasure for him.

Recently, Satanfah Imminent Air has just won the score of Choknamchai S. Siaphet on Suek Muai Thai Ched See. Thus, Satanfah or the majestic boxer of Imminent Air has come to thank you for the Muay Thai fans and the teamwork for sending the encouragement to him. Then, he has become to be the champion and now he has his better condition of body also. Besides, in the next match he  would like to fight with his old proponent  or Phonkrit T. Aewchareonthongphuket once again without making the disappointment anymore.

Satanfah said that he would like the affiliation to consider the match to get revenge with Phonkrit again to grasp the champion in 118 pounds on channel 7. What’s more, he has guaranteed that he mightn’t make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans for this match for sure.