It should predict for the different program boxers to fight ;”Sia Mor” is confident to have amusement.

Now, Tukkataphet S. Kerttiwat from Phetyindee group will fight with Samrejphet Ph. Lakbun or the good strategy boxer of Palangmai group. Moreover, Sia Mor Krabee Phomdang has made the list of Chomphichit Sitchefbuntham to fight with Phetthaksin S. Sommai. Then, this couple one will be the supporting one of Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai and Suek Chefbuntham broadcasting on this 8 November in 2016. And, it’s time for Chomphichit Sitchefbuntham has to protect for the champion of Rachadamnern after winning for 7 matches now.

For Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai and Seuk Chefbuntham, Chomphichit Sitchefbuntham will fight with Phetthaksin in 126 pounds equally. Moreover, there will be also Thukkathaphet S. Kerttiwat of Phetyindee group to fight with Samrejphet Ph. Lakbun or the new star of Phalangmai group in 111 pounds equally too. What’s more, it will follow with Phetsila Ph. Phat to grasp 400,000 baht with Chomphikhad Chuwattana , Phetkhemmarat Sitchefbuntham fighting with Yodkaen Luakphrabat , Chokdee Chamratkhaphang fighting with Rakhangthong Sititisukkato and others. In addition, the supporting one should be the amusing one too because of the same style boxing. Then, it should predict whether each one in each couple one to become the winner for favoring the Muay Thai fans.