“Aek” has remined the promoter.

Aek Bangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has let the promoter or the affiliation of the boxers for Aekbangtrai boxing camp to feel comfortable that he mightn’t leave the old policy for sure. On the same way, he still would like only to support the boxers in this boxing camp to fight on every match continuously and give the reward for all boxers suitably until he is too old or die.

Aekbangtrai or the head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that he has his broad mind without leaving all boxers in his team, especially for gaining the kindness , credits and faith from everyone all the times.

The head of Aekbangtrai boxing camp has revealed his mind that now he understands that he can’t select the couple ones by himself either to choose the weight for fighting on the games. However, it depends on the promoter to propose about the weight and consider about this subject. On the other hand, he should tell the teamwork to be diligent for let the boxers to practice themselves with good nourishment. Then, the boxers will show of the good name to this boxing circle for sure , except for the promoter to make the lists of him to fight continuously with suitable prices. Therefore, he mightn’t leave this boxing circle or move into the new boxing camp because he isn’t such a person in that type.