It has confirmed not to clear the problem with the police because Rangsit has done correctly.

Amnuai Katebamrung or the referees of Rangsit boxing stadium has confirmed that it hasn’t cleared the problem with the policemen in this area because he thinks that this action is the correct thing to do for supporting  the program and supporting the juveniles to have this program to watch in every week on weekends including to letting the Muay Thai fans to come for viewing this game normally by watching on the air of boxing program on both boxing stadium and broadcasting further in the next match.

Amnuai Katebamrung or the referees in the international boxing stadium has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam about the news of Rangsit International boxing stadium that recently all situations of setting for the juvenile boxing stadiums to fight in every weekends are in the great way. Similarly, it should let the Muay Thai fans to come for cheering up at the boxing stadiums in order to view the broadcasting programs together. Additionally, on this Saturday it has opened for everyone to watch since the midnight at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. However, these boxing stadiums have been setup the boxing programs to support the juveniles and the Muay Thai fans for watching the game together including of on Sunday to open the boxing stadiums to watch at noon also , but they are always  broadcasted on channel 7.

In case that there is the news for the boxing stadium to clear the problem with the policeman , recently the head of Rangsit boxing camp said that this fact story hasn’t been cleared up. However, the head referee of Rangsit boxing stadium thinks that it is the correct way with obvious action to resolution the problem as this way , except for being advised in the same way or let all people viewing though the broadcasting programs only. Similarly, in these boxing stadiums there will be the setting up in the same way to support the juveniles and the Muay Thai fans to follow the games on televisions and the real broadcasting ones for both.