“Chamuakphet Petkaserm muay thai training camp” has his amazing chance to pass into the deeper round of tournament in Thailand .

Now, Chamuakphet  Petkaserm muay thia training camp has his name to fight for 3rd Weber boxing round as only the minor role. However, for the last match , he had showed his good form to overcome KongNakornban S. Kitrungrote muay thai training camp without prediction and could create the encouragement to himself much. Then, for the first time , he was in the 8th rank , but now he had been lift up to 6th rank already.

Singkaserm revealed that for Suek 3rd Weber in Suek ChaoMuaiThai in Thailand , now it become funnier and be favored to the muay thai fans with more sponsors increasingly. Besides, there are several couple boxers who are unpredictable     ; namely, the first couple boxer of line A that Phetmongkol had overcome Thuanthong in the third round with 6-1 , the second couple boxer of line A that Saksongkhram had overcome Thanachai by knocking and the third couple boxer of line B that Chamuakphet had overcome Kongnakornbarn with amazing way.

Then, now Singkaserm Banponlamuengdee who had been assigned works from the boss of SiamOmNoi or Sia Mee or Theerayut Hophrasert revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that “For the 3rd Weber boxing round , this program is amusing and passed by with the good way without prediction. Besides, lately Chamuakphet who has more disadvantages than Kongnakornban for 3-1 had overcome to be the winner. Then, for the first time , he was in the 8th rank , but now he had been lift up to 6th rank already. Furthermore, if in the next match , he can be the winner again , he will be lift up to the 4th rank instantly and have his new chance to pass into the deep round also. Thus, he should train himself well and is ready to fight with anyone no matter of Sansatan S. Suradate muay thai camp or Manasak Sitniwat muay thai traning camp by fighting with funniness and be cheer up funnily.”