“Sibsan” is really strong to be ready to fight.

Baew Luakmakhamwarn has guaranteed that now Sibsan T. Aewchareonthongphuket has trained himself excellently to have his perfect body condition. Thus, he is able to fight with Monkhao Ch. Chanmanee as the second one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 15 May, 2016. In addition, lately he has his fresh form until winning the couple ones for 4 times continuously. And, in this time he will bargain his weight for 1 pound to fight ; thus, it might have the good result definitely.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See that will broadcast on this Sunday of 15th May in 2016, Chun Kertphet or the promoter Wanphet Chedsee has selected for the excellent boxers to fight favoring to the Muay Thai fans throughtout the country as the second one ; namely, Sibsan T. Aewchareonthongphuket to fight with Monkhao Ch. Chanmanee in 130/129 pounds. Lately, Baew Luakmakhamwarn has confirmed that now Sibsan has practiced himself excellently by having the large trainers to train him. Thus, with the confidence and good encouragement of him , he might use his knees and his freshness to overcome his couple one. Significantly, with his being bargained for 1 pound , it is certainly that he might be the winner , especially with the cheering up from the Muay Thai fans in order not to feel disappointed of him for sure.