“Sakchainoi” is aiming to be the beloved boxer of channel 7.

Sakchainoi Myden has thanked for the promoter Chun Kertphet ,who always supports him as well as Bangyan or Yongyut Myuden , Surgeant Chot , Sia Riam or the head of Phuketthanachot and the teamwork of F.A.group. Moreover, they have taken care of the practicing for the boxers excellently. Then, he has this moment because of everyone , and he has dreamed to become the beloved boxer of channel 7 or called as the excellent boxer of channel 7 with the good statistic.


After Sakchainoi Myuden of Bangyarn or Yongyut Myuden has knocked by kneeing Jamesak Sakburiram , he would like to thank for the relevant people. Moreover, in this year he has made the good statistic by winning the scores of Sing Kertchareonchai again , knocking Brian Danis from China , knocking Jamesak SAkburiram ,winning the scores of Phetsamrong Sitphuyainiran , winning the scores of Taladkwag Saksamrit , winning the scores of Chanenarong T. Taksin again , winning the scores of Sibsan T. Aewchareonthongphuket , tieing up with Sirimongkol P.K. Sanchai Muaithai Yim , tieing up with Sibsan T. Aewchareonthong Muai Thai Phuket . However, he has lost the scores of Sirimongkol P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim as the only one person of all. Then, in the next game it should let the referees to consider for his big opportunity to grasp the prize of splendid boxer on channel 7 too.

It’s time of Muay Thai camps for Phunsia 14th in Thailand to make the statement.

Now, the head of boxing camps throughout the country are waiting for making the muay thai camps lists of 14th Phunsia or the hit muay thai tournament in Thailand for channel 7 Thai boxing  stadium that will broadcast in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee supported by SCG Cement company or the Phunsia manufacturer with the referees of channel 7 boxing stadium. Thus, Phunsia manufacture and the referees of channel 7 boxing stadium are inviting all of the head muay thai camps throughout 4 regions of Thailand to bring all of the good , outstanding and the new stars of boxers as well as the excellent countryside boxers to hand in the application at the Army club located at Wiphawadee Rangsit Road.


Moreover, for the significant evidences that the head of Thai boxing camps should bring to register their boxers are as these following details: 1. the present evidence for the real boxer    2. 2 inches photograph for 2 pictures and the full and half postcard photograph for each 1 picture     3. the ID copy card of the boxer for 1 picture  4. the copy of house registration for 1 picture            5. the boxer personal card for 1 picture with the book of real boxer  6. no age above 20 years old


Therefore,  it will open the chance for registration on this Monday of this 4th November 2013 at the Army Club located at Wiphawadee Rangsit Road. Thus, the teamwork might best regard for the head of boxing camp throughout the country that they can bring the excellent , new stars or the countryside boxers to register with evidences to be checked completely. Besides, if any boxer change his name or his boxing camp , he should inform through the committees to check information correctly also.

Muay thai fanclub need “Rakkait” come back to fight at channel 7

Hanku pleased Rakkait Kaitprapat muay thai training camp about his work for muay thai fans. Rakkait always make a good form. Chun Kiattipetch set him to fight with Rungpetch W.Rungniran muay thai training camp in an open match on Sunday 2 December. He guarantees Rakkait who use to have a bad reputation but now he impress muay thai fans by win all fight. In the latest fight, people think he will lose in the match between Pornsawan Lukprabat but he can treat as an equal all fight. In the end the judge have decisions Rakkait tie among the angry muay thai fans because they think Rakkait should win.

Rakkait’s good form makes muay thai fans believe in him so Chun Kiattipetch set him to fight in Muay Thai channel 7 , Thailand ,  with Rungpetch W.Rungniran muay thai training camp on 2 December. Hanku – Kukait Kaitprapat pleased his boxer show a good form for muay thai fans again on 2 December.