It gonna be “Chomphikhwad and Phetsila” to fight for gaining 400,000 baht.

Apart from the grasping champion couple one between Chomphichit and Phetthaksin , there will be Phetsila Ph. Phat from S. Sommai boxing camp to fight with the new star of Sia Mor or Chomphikhad Chuwattana also. Then, Otea has pointed that with the grasping money of 400,000 baht this match might be amusing. However,  recently Phetsila just lost the game due to his bargaining of 2 pounds. Fortunately, in the next match of 8 November in 2016 he won’t have to bargain weight for his couple one , so he might be the champion for sure.

Otea or Phrawit Kongthongsamut  or the professional one of Palangmai group has revealed that in the next match Phetsila Ph. Phat will fight to get revenge with Chomphikhad. Moreover, the winner will gain for 400,000 baht to fight on Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai and Suek Savebuntham. And, now Phetsila has been practicing at Bangkapi of S. Sommai and A. Khwanmueng boxing camp for a while with Phetthaksin. As the result, now he is ready to fight with Chomphikhad.

Otea said that in this time Phetsila will fight with his couple one in 124 pounds by facing with the difficult task. Similarly, now Sia Mor has taken care of this boxer excellently with the best practicing in his life. And, in this match there will be the 2 couple boxers fighting with each other between Chomphichit and Phetthaksin and another one between Phetsila and Chomphikhad.