“Rakkittiā€¯ has the good strength to fight.

Hau Pakchong or the professional boxer of Sia Mai Bangkapi has revealed that currently Lomtaley Sitsoreung might challenge with the difficult work to fight with Rakkitti T. Paopiamthrab to show his better performance. However, currently Rakkitti has been practicing at Meenayothin of Heng Sakchaisit , so he might have his strength to fight on this 23th September 2015 as the supportive of Chuchareon Muai Thai.

Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong has setup for Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai on this Wednesday of 23rd September 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, there will be the couple ones of Palangmai group ; namely, the master one or Phanphayak Sitchatick to fight with Fahsatan Namsangkosrang following by the second one or Phetbankhwag to fight with Lamnammoonlek and the supportive one or Lomtaley to fight with Rakkitti on last Tuesday evening. Therefore, after checking the news at Hau Pakchong , Neung or the teamwork of Palangmai group , they have told that this couple one is on the new program , but there will be only 3 boxers to practice at S. Sommai boxing camp , such as Phetbankhwag S. Sommai , Lomtaley Sitsorueng and Khongkhwan Chechiangmai Kaikrata to join in this program.

Therefore, there will be Phetbankhwag , Lomtaley and Khongkhwan ,who have been practicing at Bangkapi to join in Sia Mor program. Besides, he views that for Lomtaley and Rakkitti they might fight with funniness , especially for Lomtaley ,who has his good experience to fight. While ,now Rakkitti is practicing with Meenayothin boxing camp of Heng Sakchaisit. Therefore, whoever can grasp the champion should be cheered up , especially for Lomtaley to fight with Rakkitti as the correct couple one.