Just only tell Boat to make the excellent list of boxers.

Boat or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong has confirmed that he is glad to bring the boxer of Dekwisatekkanongdate to fight for favor of Suek Chao Muai Thai Muay Thai fans. However, if this is the requirement of the Muay Thai fans to have a talk before , it shouldn’t be the big problem for sure.

Moreover, Boat or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong ,who is the young and hot promoter ,has also revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after bringing the couple boxer from Dekwisatekanongdate program to fight for returning happiness to the Muay Thai fans in Suek Chao Muai Thai at the end of year in order to gain impression from the Muay Thai fans of Suek Chao Muai Thai. Thus, it should thank you for the executives to give honor to him much as well as thanking for every head of Muay Thai training camp , who has taken care of his boxer well with perfect performing of every boxers. In addition, he feels glad to bring Dekwisatekanongdate boxers to fight for the Muay Thai fans in Suek Chao Muai Thai again as the requirement of the Muay Thai fans after having a talk before with no problem.

Boat said that in the past he has made the list of 1 or 2 couple boxers due to the joining of another program for other couple boxers. Thus, he has no chance to make the list as much as this time before for 4 couple boxers until gaining praise from the Muay Thai fans. Thus, it will be glad if the boxers in channel 3 don’t have another match to fight to join in this program with the full participation of him and his teamwork.